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Originally Posted by gswift
WOW, I've been following the news about FoC fairly closely because I'm almost a daily online player. However, MANY of the things stated above are news to me, and I therefore assume that a major 'freedom of information' threshhold has been reached with FoC. The extra content and major changes in the game mechanics seem more like what I would expect from EaW2, as opposed to an expansion.

Based on the amount of work going into this expansion, I'd bet any amount of money that we're not seeing the end of the EaW series, but rather the BEGINNING of the EaW FRANCHISE. Look at the longevity of the Comand and Conquer franchise for example (same key people working on it, for the most part). How many Star Wars fans would be happy to see the EaW (Petro/LA) partnership last as long and produce so much great gaming as did the CnC series (based on Star Wars though)? There's NEVER been a great Star Wars RTS/Strategy franchise. It's about time for one to exist. I'll keep buying EaW games for as long as they continue to appear, that's for sure.

Yeah you are right! im like you playing online alot and i bought a new computer now that gets my eaw to the maximum experience!
Its about time there is a serious starwars RTS game!
from my point of view the its great that they add a new civ couse sometimes it gets abit of repitevly with emps vs Rebs. (dont get me wrong theres always mix of Space and Ground combat to) I can imagine alot more people are going to play FoC!

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