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Help with KSE (Xbox)

I have the PC and X-Box version of KotOR, and the X-Box version of TSL. I downloaded a modded save made by Jay "FNG" and fired it up to make sure it worked. Then, I took the files PC saves have in them and put those in a folder in the same directory I keep my PC saves, opened KSE, changed what I wanted, saved. I placed the modified versions of those into a copied version of FNG's save, zipped it up and put it on my memory card. However, when I try and load it, KotOR says the game is damaged. GLOBALVARS, PARTYTABLE, SAVEGAME.sav, savenfo, and Screen are used in PC saves, so I figured that's what I needed to change. KSE treated it EXACTLY like a PC save, so I assumed that part worked fine. However, the original FNG save has some crazy ass green things called Broderbund Poster Type files that PC saves don't have. I think I need to change something with those (I remember reading somewhere that headers are a problem), I just don't know what. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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