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Asgardried: Oh yay, my first time going into the shadow. Will it be alright if I pick flowers along the way, I want something to remember this by.

*Heimdall just looks at the droid before entering the shadow, Idona keeps by Elaina's side*

Idona to Elaina and Tanara: If you have any misgivings about something feel free to voice to me or any of the other Aesir. Just try and keep in mind the effect of what you say will have on the others...and remember the Asgardried is with us this time, you may really want to watch what you say around the droid....

Asgardried: I heard that, I grant my minions the freedom of speech while they are in front of my godly presence, though I do understand if they are left speechless as they gaze upon my awe inspiring body.

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