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That is something immature to say.

Actually I prefer male Exile (yes I know canon Exile is female) Well for one I really dislike that creepy stalkiing perv scumbag of a jedi wannabe desciple. And, a male Exile does work better when it comes to Visas. With a female Exile, Atton looks too much like a Han Solo wannabe.

Well, Brianna can be done better also, but as least she is not creepy and annoying. As in, even if I get annoyed by her, I would not have the urge to jetterson her out of the airlock into hyperspace, nor would I enjoy shredding her to ribbons painfully.

And yes, Go-To should NOT be a playable character. His story is interesting yes, but for the most part he is just annoying. He can be on the ship, I have no problems with that, but playable? I think that is quite unnecessary. I rather tham give me a little pet gizka or something.
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