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(Ok, we're just starting now anyway, if you want to join in you can still do so)

As Arkai stepped off the battered freighter that he and Morridin had just travelled upon, he reflected that he should have kept his promise never to come back again. Nar Shaddaa really IS a hell-hole. But putting such thoughts out of his mind, he turned to his new apprentice and said:

"We'll need to find somewhere to stay, and somewhere to work as well. Food doesn't come free when you aren't living the cosy little life in the Jedi Temple. Ironic isn't it? The Jedi are sworn to serve and protect the inhabitants of the galaxy, and yet they make sure that they keep the best of everything to themselves..."

"Good and evil are but points of view. Many would call me evil for the things I have done, but to myself and to my followers, I am the saviour of the galaxy. I have not shirked from my duty because it is unpleasant or because others will disapprove. I regret the deaths I have caused on this path, but they were necessary to prevent far greater evil. So, Jedi, who are you to say what I do is wrong?"

-Darth Xenus, Emperor of the Sith
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