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Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
This neighbour of mine has a search dog (don't know what they're called in English) and is part of a rescue organization charged with helping people taken by avalanches, lost in the mountains, etc.

He says he stays at home when he's on duty as he dares not be stuck in traffic somewhere or something when he gets a call.
I fail to see any real point in this. So your neighbor doesn't leave his house. So what?

I used to do a lot of volunteer work, as well as handle emergency situations. I expected to have to use my phone a lot, I did. Did I sit around? No, I lived my life, but I accepted that I need to be capable of getting where I need to be if something happens. Cell phone and proper planning helped make life not only enjoyable, but also made it so I could do all that was required without sacrificing a social life.

Asking someone to give up socializing is rather dangerous, especially if their job is to help others. Mental strain caused by this could render them completely useless. Because if they go crazy, how the hell are they going to help someone if all they can focus on are the crazed badgers they see on the walls?

It's all very simple, just let the doctor watch his/her movie until he/she gets paged to come in to perform a life saving operation.

To me, this is a foolish and petty debate. Wah, someone interupted your movie. Solve your problem yourself, legislation or action should not be taken simply because you find something annoying. I find people talking about NASCAR as though it were a serious sport to be annoying, doesn't mean I'm going to crusade that we have each and every hillbilly caged and muted to avoid such a thing.

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