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The Duel: A Legacy of the Force Story

STAR WARS: Legacy of the Force: The Duel

Starring (so far):

Emperor Devon, Dark Lord of the Sith, nemesis of Master Onasi

Jae Onasi, Jedi Master, nemesis of Emperor Devon, Sith Lord

Tysyacha as (who else) Tysy Dvukh, Apprentice in the balance


STAR WARS: Legacy of the Force: The Duel

Forty years after a New Hope championed the galaxy in the
form of LUKE SKYWALKER, evil has risen once again. Not only
has Jacen Solo become apprenticed to DARK LADY LUMIYA, but
other Sith seek to turn wavering Force users to the dark side.

In the midst of an infant war between the Galactic Alliance
and rebellious worlds like Corellia, a young girl, TYSY DVUKH,
is unsure of her destiny. What role would she, or should she
play in this escalating conflict? In desperation, she makes a
plea to the Force that will catch the attention of two rival
Masters. Only one will claim TYSY as apprentice, and win...

Tysy Dvukh sat in one of the Meditation Gardens of the rebuilt
Jedi Temple, collecting her thoughts in silence. It was night, and
the stars pierced the sky with hot fire. Peaceful, the scene was
not, and neither were the musings of the confused neophyte.

"In my opinion," she thought, "all this conflict that's ever
happened between the Jedi and the Sith, or the Galactic
Alliance and planets like Corellia, has been about power.
Power and strength, and who has more of it at any given
time. The Jedi always have it, and the Sith always want it.
Or is it the other way around? I don't know. I'm so lost."

Tysy bowed her head even lower than she had before,
considering something that perhaps no other Force user,
Jedi or Sith, had ever paused to consider. Increasing
someone else's power, a Master's power, to double her own...

"Living Force and Potentium Force," she began. "I do not
know what you are, what your essence is. Perhaps you are
neither one nor the other, but a mixture of both life and death.
What I ask is that since I am sensitive, I wish to become more so.

"However, I wish only to increase my strength in the Force,
in you, if someone else's Force strength will be doubled. I don't
wish to be selfish in this. I only wish to serve, to assist, and
to have my peculiar strength lie in service. What would I gain
if I learned all the knowledge of you, O Force, and sacrificed the
connection to others and to all of life that you fully possess?

"Grant me this boon, and I swear I'll be stronger for it. So will
my Master, if you wish it so. May my destiny be your design."

She opened her eyes and finished meditating, feeling peaceful.

Unbeknownst to her, or perhaps only subconsciously known,
through her plea Tysy had created a very slight disturbance
in the Force. A call to Masters both Jedi and Sith, a beacon
like Dantooine had been to Master Vrook, or Malachor to the
Jedi Exile millennia ago. A great temptation, Tysy was, but an
unwitting one. Who would come to her and be her Master?
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