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Originally Posted by cutmeister
What I'm struggling with is making this mod compatible with other mods, specifically USM since it uses baodur.dlg. What I'm trying to figure out is how to get TSLPatcher to change existing dialog entries. I'm not trying to add entries to baodur.dlg, just change a couple of entries. Any pointers on how I should go about doing this?
If you aren't adding any new entries or replies and only modifying something for existing entries the easiest way if you aren't too familiar with the GFF layout of a DLG file would be to use the Compare button in ChangeEdit to automatically generate the needed modifiers:
  1. Make a new folder for your mod, copy TSLPatcher.exe to this folder (rename it if you wish) and create a folder named tslpatchdata inside this folder as well.

  2. Extract an unaltered baodur.dlg file from dialogs.bif with KotorTool and save it in the tslpatchdata folder.

  3. Make a copy of this baodur.dlg file as well and save it elsewhere. Modify it with tk102's DLGEditor to apply the changes needed for your mod.*

  4. Start ChangeEdit.exe, create a new config file and save it as changes.ini inside the tslpatchdata folder you created in step 1 above. Fill in the name of your mod on the Settings panel and click the Save button.

  5. Select the GFF Files section in the treeview, rightclick on it and pick "Add GFF File" in the context menu. In the window that opens, click the folder icon to the right of the input box and select the baodur.dlg file and click the OK button.

  6. Expand the GFF Files section and select baodur.dlg which should now appear under it to open the right panel for it. Above the modifier list in the right panel click the "GFF Compare" button (it's the one with a finger pointing at a red blob). Two standard "Open" dialog boxes will open. In the first, select the unaltered baodur.dlg file you saved in the tslpatchdata folder. In the second, select the copy of baodur.dlg you modified for your mod.

    ChangeEdit should now compare the two files for differences and create modifiers for any differences it finds.

  7. If your mod contains any new NCS files or other files that needs to be installed in a specific location for it to work but won't need to be modified, click the "Install files" section in the treeview and add them there. Copy the files that needs to be installed into the tslpatchdata folder as well.

  8. Open WordPad and create a new RTF format document and save it as info.rtf in the tslpatchdata folder. The content of this document will be displayed in the main installer window when the installer is started, so you may put any special instructions, or the readme file of your mod here, as you like.

* = It's important you use a clean dialog file for this to apply your changes to. If you use a file already modified for another mod those changes will be found by ChangeEdit when it compares the files and modifiers will be created for them as well, which is not desired.

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