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If i can be a created character:

Name: Alex Skyrider
Gender: Male
Age: 25, born 15 ABY
Affiliation: New Jedi Order/New Republic
Rank: Jedi Knight
Favourite Weapon: Lightsaber, spare lightsaber hid on boot
Lightsaber (s) Colour: Green and Yellow.
Equipment: Tan Jedi Tunic and pants, brown boots and gloves.
Homeworld: Chandrila
Force Powers: Core Force Powers, Force Absorb
Appearence: Black wavy hair, blue eyes, slight beard.
Bio: Alex, born in a time of great conflitcs, was not of wealthy parents. They could see he was to have a great future, but not with them, so they abandoned him at an early age and gave him to the Jedi Order. He was a promising student, like so many others, and appears to have a great future.

If not:

Name: Ben Skywalker
Gender: Male
Age: 13.5, born 26.5 ABY
Affiliation: New Jedi Order/New Republic
Rank: Jedi Padawan
Favourite Weapon: Lightsaber
Lightsaber(s) Colour: Blue
Equipment: Tan Jedi Robe, brown cloak and boots, tan pants.
Homeworld: Ossus
Force Powers: Core Force Powers
Master (s): Jacen Solo
Appearence: Short blond hair, blue eyes.
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