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Chapter 14
“Well that was pleasant wasn’t it?” a voice sounded through the thick haze. It sounded like it came from Atton though Kirabaros was lost in his own thoughts.

Only I can hold all the keys. It is the only way.

“I don’t understand why they were a little more harsh than usual,” Carth was speaking but it was muffled.

The Order is dwindling even with the help of the Lost Jedi and Darius. They are the hope for the future.

“They wanted to be sure that Kirabaros was telling the truth. It is his honor against his accusers. It would be an insult if he were falsely accused,” Michaela was explaining.

But they are so young. Together though, they are desirable by whoever wants to rid us of the Jedi.

“This is a lot he is doing for me and I would like to thank him, if he were listening,” Revan was speaking.

The special place is ready and if…

“Ow. What was that for?” Kirabaros asked with annoyance dripping from his voice as he rubbed the back of his head. He had been snapped out of his thoughts by a Force induced smack to his head and it had hurt. He turned to face the group as they were headed to the hangar where the Ebon Hawk had been stored.

Revan feigned innocence as she said in a condescending manner, “Maybe if you had been paying attention, you would have seen which one of us had done it.” Her honey colored eyes were wide but they betrayed her mischievousness.

Seeing through her ‘innocence,’ Kirabaros replied with a smirk, “What I am seeing is someone who needs to be put over someone else’s knee and be taught a lesson.”

“Hey! I thought you promised not to delve into my memories anymore,” Revan retorted as her face began to flush with embarrassment much to the amusement of Carth.

“Actually I didn’t go mind probing. Someone who is twice as stubborn as me told me about a little adventure you had on a crowded little ship,” Kirabaros replied with a smoothness that he used when trying to get out of trouble.

“That ship wasn’t little. It was…” Revan had caught on the wrong end of the response since she was rather fond of the Ebon Hawk.

Everyone began to laugh at her and Kirabaros just stared at her with a wicked grin on his face. With his spleen vented, he changed the subject, “Well let’s make sure the ship is stocked. Shall we?” He smiled.

A hooded figure was watching the group as they headed to the main port where the ship was kept. This was his chance to get a feel as to how the great Kirabaros would fight. He had heard much of his abilities as a Jedi and a warrior but he was in for a well-deserved surprise. He motioned behind him and made hand movements to direct their positions. They took off to head them off and he waited until they passed him. He would follow from behind and cut off their retreat.

“I know you mean well Carth, but let’s face it: the Sojourn is a slow moving hunk of metal,” Kirabaros was speaking as if it were an obvious fact. When they had rounded the corner, he felt a sense of unease but didn’t voice it. It was slight so he didn’t want to make a mountain out of the issue.

“Well excuse me if the Republic doesn’t have the advantage in having Avalonian vessels in their fleet,” Carth responded good-naturedly.

“Aside from the obvious sizing problems, it can’t seem to counter fighters that come up from behind, the front and side to side,” Kirabaros glanced at Carth, catching his eye.

Carth gave a slight nod and getting a rather hard glint in his eyes, he replied, “I suppose you would be the expert seeing as you can spot any kind of flaws.”

“Hey settle down. Maybe it would be a good idea to use the ship that the Council of Lords provided. It would make everything look official,” Revan interjected. She hadn’t seen the slight nod that the two exchanged and continued down the street.

The group rounded another corner when a dark hooded figure stood in their way. Atton had been in the lead when he appeared and stopped rather suddenly that Michaela bumped into him. Peering over his shoulder she saw the figure but she also saw six others appear out of nowhere.

The hooded figure had watched as they rounded the corner. The others had taken their position and the boss was bringing up the rear. He opened his cloak and placed his hands on his hips to reveal a lightsaber and a katana. It was not unusual, at least on Avalon. He spoke menacingly, “At last we meet. The so called Savior of the Republic, a fool and the great Kirabaros.”

Kirabaros had nearly run into the party that stopped. When he saw the hooded figure, he immediately threw up his mind walls and used his senses to scan for the others. When he heard the greeting, he made his way to the front. When he saw the lightsaber and katana, he guessed that he might be a faction that hated him for bringing the war or for encouraging the relations with the Republic. Nothing annoyed him more and he showed it when he responded, “And all I see is a pitiful clown pretending to be something he’s not.”

The hooded figure fore him smiled in an evil way. He was angry at what the scum in front of him implied but he had a mission to complete. He replied, “Really? Well I hate to disappoint you but there is a price on your heads.”

“Really?’ Kirabaros eyed his opponent. At that moment, Carth squeezed out a few blaster shots out to the side, hitting one of their attackers. Kirabaros drew his lightsaber and made way towards another.

The hooded figure just watched as his minions did their work against the adults. He kept his gaze on Kirabaros and Revan with a look of intense interest. His client was interested in other things but he was specifically instructed to give them a special gift. Kirabaros was fighting with his back against Atton and Michaela’s backs in a triad move. Revan was moving in unison with Carth. The fluidity as if they were one was amusing to watch. Admirable too.

There seemed to be no end to the attackers as they appeared out of nowhere and fought at them. Kirabaros saw a break and took two and broke the triad. The hooded one watched with amusement. He said, “Not bad. For a Jedi.”

Kirabaros glared at the hooded figure and started for him with his katana drawn. The hooded figure pushed back his hood and drew a sword of intricate design. They squared off. Kirabaros struck first with a swing towards the left. The attacker countered and parried. Kirabaros kept up a defense by keeping his left forearm raised while he swung the blade with his right.

Carth saw that Revan didn’t need his help. She was a Jedi after all. They had managed to dwindle their attacker’s numbers down enough to allow Kirabaros to attack the leader, which had been standing there, and watching them. He had followed Kirabaros’ lead when he mentioned that they were going to try to sneak attack them and had his blasters ready. He paused to watch Kirabaros face off with the leader of the group with fascination at the speed and agility in which Kirabaros moved.

Revan noticed Carth had stopped and paused to look at what he was staring at. She turned to watch occasionally batting away an adversary. Eventually Atton and Michaela turned to watch with astonished looks. They were distracted when some of the attackers who had been stunned got back up and attacked again. Kirabaros paused for a brief moment to glance at Carth before he was hit with a kick to the mid section. It was followed by several punches to the gut and face and ending with a crescent kick across his face. Then he was sent flying with a sidekick into some crates.

Carth had got the glimpse but didn’t move; he didn’t know what to do. When Kirabaros went down, Revan made a move towards the leader. He just stood there waiting until she got close enough and she was sent flying with a Force Wave. He watched as the leader turned towards Kirabaros who was struggling and said, “This was merely a distraction. I am after something more valuable. That which you value the most.”

Carth raised his blasters and fired. The leader dodged them and pushed him to the ground. The leader then spun and threw a small blade at Kirabaros who dodged as it embedded itself into the crates. With a flourish and a firm stride, the attackers left ass quickly as they arrived. Kirabaros was breathing heavily as he watched the attackers leave. He realized what they were after and scrambled up, oblivious to any pain he was in and took off down the street in the opposite direction of the hangar bays with the others following behind.

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