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Chapter I - The Fighters

A squadron of Zebra fighters flew over the Dooku Mansion, the Dark Lord leaning onto the edge of the balcony. He was joined by his General, the newly appointed Grand Admiral and a Commander from his 2nd army. As the three arrived, the Lord shook is head.

"I want an inexpensive but good fighter line for my fleets. The Zebras are fine for attacking ground objects, but bombers can do bette than those"
"Well, we happen to have just what you need. I managed to use some old aquaintances and found just what we need. Let me introduce to you..." the Grand Admiral said and at that instance a couple of squadrons of I-BEAM Star Fighters flew over, rolling and showing off their maneuverability before shooting the targets with unbelievably good accuracy for what they looked like.
"...the I-BEAM. I can get you more from the Galderian Slave Traders. Just say the word"
"Indeed... Very nice. Make the order. We need at least a 100,000 before New Year. Also, find out if anyone has ever heard of something called a Sith Fighter and about their blueprints. The Second Sith Empire used them. If you find the blueprints, have our designers look at them, upgrade the weaponry and maneuverability and lose any extra weight from them. I want them to be better than the X-Wings"
"Yes, sire!"

The Grand Admiral hailed and then left. The Commander walked to the reiling of the balcony and leaned on it, looking at the fighters heading back for their carrier.
"I don't know about this, Lord Tepe. I don't trust slavers"
"I trust your instincts. After all, you are my best friend's son. However, I must say that you should show some trust towards them. Money is worth enought to them. They get money, we get the merchandise and everyone is happy. I trust you with my 2nd army and you have a word in this, but I will not make a decision based on just your words. Now go off"
"Yes, sire"

So the General and the Commander left the Dark Lord alone. It would not take long for them to start their masterplan. The Sith took out his comlink and contacted the Grand Admiral who responded while stepping onto his hovercar.
"Yes, sire?"
"Start the drafts. I want good pilots by the end of the year when we get ourselves the fighters. Get at least 200,000 pilots and the rest can go to the other academies"
"Yes, my Lord"

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