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Originally Posted by Pottsie
Thinking about it now, I think both the Handmaiden and the Disciple should've been in the game. G0-T0 could be replaced (I tried using him and he weren't that great) and he didn't add much to the story, except see the Remote at the end. That could still happen though. Also both the Handmaiden and the Disciple are needed to advance the story.

Handmaiden's reasons:

1. To advance the story with Atris and her downfall.

2. Kreia seems to be interested with the Handmaiden.

3. Become one of the Jedi to help rebuild the Order.

4. Soon become better than her sisters.

5. Show the relationship between her and Visas (If Male PC).

Disciples's reasons:

1. To show more relationship between him and Carth.

2. Kreia seems to be interested with the Disciple.

3. Become one of the Jedi to help rebuild the Order.

4. Help find out about the Sith.

5. Show the relationship between him and Atton (If Female PC).
Pottsie is got a point. I agree on Disciple and Handmaiden should be both in game because both of them can be trained as Jedi Consular/Jedi Guardian. Well, one melee specialist, one cockpit pilot, one assassinate droid, one expert droid, 2 Jedi (Not counting Exile), one expert engineer, one historian, one bounty hunter, and a Maladore general (Who has a real army!) is perfect because everything is solved here--no more worries. But for 2 expert droids, exp. 1 of them is a *crime lord*, I hate this idea. Like I said before, if I want to play basketball with anybody, I'll first choose him.

Originally Posted by PoiuyWired
That is something immature to say.
And yes, Go-To should NOT be a playable character. His story is interesting yes, but for the most part he is just annoying. He can be on the ship, I have no problems with that, but playable? I think that is quite unnecessary. I rather tham give me a little pet gizka or something.
I agree. Goto is pain in the a**. He sabotaged Bao-Dur's pet droid, and want Bao-Dur to upgrade for him? Forget it! If I were Bao-Dur, I'll borrow the lightsaber from Nihilus(My name to Exile) and shred him into thousands of piece-Even thinner than paper from shredder!

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