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Originally Posted by DarthMaulUK
I really dont like this idea. Why? Well, having a Hyper velocity gun on a planet (HVG) for example, really made great use of the rebel raid tactic here. You could send in a few squads of Airspeeders, take out the guns and then send your fleet over to attack the planet.

I feel that this 'after thought' was brought in because Imperial fans were struggling against the Rebels and their ION cannon because they cant raid.
You know, that's just what I thought when I first read it. However, if you couple this with the repairable hard-points, I reckon it gives space combat a bit more tension during a battle.

I'm assuming that this means Hangars and Comm arrays will become very hard to destroy if the defenders have the cash.

Also, doesn't the Ion Cannon have a secondary effect? Something about losing the penalty of retreating from a land tactical battle? I can't quite remember.

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