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Originally Posted by Darth Anarch
But won't that only be the case when playing Skirmish games? It won't apply to Galactic Conquest games, since you have to upgrade your station in order to repair. In GC you can only upgrade your station from the galactic map, which means all damage is repaired anyway.
I took it that this means repairing during any tactical battle, so during a battle in a GC match. That may have been wishful thinking, or poor comprehension.

I was basing this off the C&C-style repairing - click repair, money goes down, health goes up. Admittedly I very rarely play skirmish, and thought of GC when I read this.

If stations can't be repaired in a GC match battle, then I'll have to agree with DMUK and say this will take out the planetary weapons a little too quickly...which doesn't bode well for the Rebels.

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