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Weekly Update 5:

Sorry for being late, I was having problems with the internet yesterday.

Today we have more ingame shots. This time its one of the Chiss and the Empire of the Hand's main fighters. That along with building your skirmish space base in real time.

Since we are making it so people build ships from the actual company shipyard that made then, the current idea is you buy a shipyard from that company at your space station, then you can jump in a shuttle containing a rep of that company (icon and all) and you use that to place your shipyards.

Here is some pics of it (Sundered Heart being one of the reps and the space station being one of the shipyards):

And now ingame shots of the Clawcraft: (Currently unskinned)

Thats it for this week. Next week look forward to a few people from the Fel family
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