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Chapter II
A New Apprentice

Revan’s words kept echoing through Bastila’s head, as he walked through the corridors of the Iron Fist. “He is too dangerous to be kept alive. Kill him.” Usually Bastila always agreed with Revan on everything, but killing Admiral Aremihc was a bit over the top. This was the way of the Sith. Death. Maybe some day, both Revan and Bastila would fight for the reign of the dark lord. That wouldn’t be for a long time yet.


Revan sat in his new throne room, looking out at the Star Forge and his large fleet. He knew that the Star Forge wouldn’t last. Either the large factory would turn on his new empire or the Republic and the remains of the Jedi Order would try to destroy it. Either way, one or the other would happen. A door behind Revan opened. Revan pressed a button, which swivelled his chair to his left. He saw a Sith apprentice. Like every apprentice that served under Revan, he wore the traditional black robe and he wielded a Lightsaber, but this particular apprentice was much more evil to the others in both looks and strength.

“You summoned me, Lord Revan.” The apprentice told Revan, as he knelt to him.

“Yes,” Revan told him, “I appreciate you for coming, Grivis and I suspect you’ll be pleased with the news I’m about to give you.”


The door opened and Bastila entered Admiral Aremihc’s chambers. The elderly Admiral turned around and began to shake. He felt threatened by Bastila’s presence.

“Is something wrong Admiral?” Bastila asked, trying to be as polite as possible.

“N… N… No… milady.” Aremihc told Bastila, his nerves rising.

“Hush!” Bastila hissed, “You have nothing to fear. At least not anymore.”

“Not anymore?” Aremihc asked, confused.

“Yes,” Bastila admitted, “I’m sorry about this Admiral, but the news I shall tell you, will ease your pain. Shortly.”


“I want you to spy on my new apprentice,” Revan continued, “She is taking quite a long time with her task. Do this successfully without being caught and you shall receive the title of the Sith.”

“As you wish my lord.” Grivis told Revan, getting up and leaving.

“Heed my words, young Grivis,” Revan told him, “If you fail this simple, it shall cost you you’re life.”

Grivis left, hoping to succeed.


Several minutes had passed. Aremihc wandered why Bastila was forcing him to wait.

“What news milady?” Aremihc asked, starting to feel impatient.

“I suppose it is time to tell you Admiral,” Bastila told Aremihc, “Lord Revan felt you’re death was necessary, for the future of the empire’s future.”

Aremihc started shaking again.

“Wha… What?” He asked, his voice starting to shake, “My death? Why?”

“Lord Revan knows your past with his ex apprentice,” Bastila told him, “I’m sorry Admiral, you’ll be missed, but easily replaced.”

Bastila ignited one the blades in her double-bladed Lightsaber and a red blade went through Aremihc’s neck. He shouted in pain, until his voice stopped and he was left dead. As Bastila left Aremihc’s chambers, little did she know that someone was spying on her.


Revan sensed the old Admiral’s death. He also sensed both Bastila and Grivis’ success. They would both receive the title of the Sith. However, Revan knew that he could only train one supreme apprentice. His choice would be Bastila. Grivis would be trained in secret. That way, Revan could have two of his strongest apprentices, create havoc across the Galaxy.


The escape pod crashed on Coruscant. The old Jedi Master, Jorran Corral’s escape pod had managed to crash right outside the Senate Chambers. He felt lucky to still be alive. At least, to still be alive after the battle with the Star Forge. He felt sad for his old master, Vandar Tokare and the Republic Admiral, Forn Dodonna had perished. Jorran knew that the Galaxy was doomed. Only several Jedi Masters remained alive. Zhar Lestin, Vrook Lamar and Dorak. Who would lead the Republic now? Only the remaining Jedi could, unless someone would take over. In the distance, Jorran saw the Ebon Hawk docking near the Senate Chambers. Jorran knew that Revan wasn’t aboard though. It must be someone, Revan knew.


Bastila returned to the throne room and knelt before Revan. Revan ignited his Lightsaber and a red blade lit up the room. The gentle hum of the Lightsaber accompanied Revan’s voice.

“You have done well, Bastila,” Revan told Bastila, “And for this achievement, I now pronounce you, in the name of the Sith, Darth Bastila.”

Bastila looked up at her master and smiled.

“Thank you my lord.” She told him.

Revan put away his Lightsaber and returned to his chair.

“Tell the pilot that I need to go to Kashyyyk,” Revan told Bastila, “An old friend must be seen in due time.”

“Yes Lord Revan,” Bastila told Revan, “However you must be aware that it might take time to get there.”

“Just tell him!” Revan snapped.

Bastila left the throne room. Grivis entered the room.

“Just in time,” Revan continued, “You did well for your task and will receive the title of the Sith, but you are to be trained in secret. You are my servant and maybe one day, you shall kill Bastila to become my true apprentice.”

“Thank you Lord Revan,” Grivis told Revan, “I can wait.”

Stay tuned for Chapter III The New Old Republic

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