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Jolee and Talin are joining in with Jae. I'm working on my story.

Emperor Devon--do you want to generate the character stats via the TSL character generator and adjust up to level 18 by KSE, or use the rules in the SW core rulebook--I can post the stats if you'd like from the book. If we're using the book, we'd be better off staying at a minimum level 7 (which is when one graduates from Padawan to Knight). They cap at 20 in the book like K1, though it's not hard to extrapolate past that. The level depends on how long we plan on playing this out--if long term, we may want to chose something a little lower. If it's short term, level 18 with TSL progression works for me, too.

The TSL version may be easier in terms of fewer of some of the calculations, the book version has a few more force powers, skills and feats that might make this a little more interesting.
You may want to find the book (library may have it if you don't want to spend the money). I can give you the dice stats for whatever weapon/force power you want, tho I don't think I'll be able to do it for everything, especially since I have that report due on Friday. I suggest Tysy randomly generate some crystals for us for our lightsabers (I'm assuming we'd both have our named crystals, however) or give us a small list to choose from--since there's no way to find out what we'd have gotten in an unmodded game anymore.

If we're going to randomly generate stats via dice, I suggest doing a method we used when I was gaming with friends in college. It inflates the stats a little, but our theory was that we're above average people if we're going adventuring. It also gave the GM a little more freedom to use tougher monsters, too.
Roll 4d6, re-roll 1's and 2's, take the top 3 numbers and add together. Rolling 4 of a kind is an automatic 18, 4 6's is an automatic 19. Generate 6 numbers for the attributes. Re-roll the lowest of the 6 attributes if you want, but you have to keep whatever you re-roll (so if you have a 12 and you re-roll and end up getting a 10, you keep the 10).

There are a couple of scores we may need to add from the book such as initiative since we'll be doing the dice thing for attacks--we don't have the TSL program to do the calculations for us. If you want me to send you a character sheet to look at, let me know.

Tysy, I'll PM you with whatever stats you need for weapons, bad guys, etc, unless you already have the SW RPG rule book. There's a Force Adept Character in the book, along with Jedi classes, and you can multi-class if you want.

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