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Chapter 2 - Enter the Army

It had been a steady 6 standard months on Tibri nand it's neighbour worlds. The Republic did not know of the heavy military presence of the new Count, as all senators who represented the planets knew they nor their families would be safe if they would tell. Besides, the increasing military presence brought work to those who had none and only increased the economies as trade increased swiftly. The construction of the drydock had been finished and now the frames of a ball were visible. The planets were peaceful and the civilians were already familiar with the marching of soldiers.

The Dark Lord stood quietly on his balcony as his armies gathered to load on transports. The army did not have much to work on yet. Only the armors and weapons were standardised. The navy was a large mess as probably there were not even a ten ships of the same kind in the whole massive fleet of the Dominion. Not even the fighters were standardised yet. Many flew their own fighters or "uglies" instead of the still small amounts of I-BEAMs or the new prototypes of Sith Fighters. This would eventually change, but not as fast as the Sith Lord would want. It was so that most of the heavy weaponry was from the Imperials and only some from other factions. The Dominion had even managed to get many old weapons from the still alive members of the CIS.

The general walked to meet his Lord on the balcony, smiling at the sight as he saw it unfold. The Dominion was gearing up for war. Thousands of soldiers from the population of Tibrin were marching in a steady pace towards their assigned dropships and transports. Their armors, designed after the Mandalorian armors, were shining in the sunlight as they were cleaned and polished just moment before. Only the helmets were different from Mandalorian ones, shaped like the head of wild beasts known of their ferocious natures. Every legion had it's own beast and shape of helmet. The armors also had the difference that all wore Kames and the officers wore shoulder padding showing their ranks. Tepe turned as the General came forth and a grin was upon his face.

"We are ready to launch an attack, my Lord" the general said and approached him even more.
"Yes, but we won't invade yet. We must wait and train the soldiers more. They must also be used to being away from their families and enclosed on a ship for months. We need to make them used to the travelling and have excercises onboard before we are ready"
"Yes, my lord, but what about the plan?"
"The plan is ready and everything is ready, but we need time. We need to standardise our machinery"
"Everything is being handled, sire, but wouldn't it be just easier to standardise little by little while we gain more people"
"No. I want everything perfect before we unleash our plans. Now be off and make sure that the ships will arrive when they should"
"Yes, my Lord"

The general left and the Dark Lord sighed. He looked back at the armies and then up into space. He had ordered enought ships to make even the Empire bow. Old CIS ships, Old Republic ships and Imperial ships would still be a big part of the Navy even if the order for many shipyards had been sent for making ships from the design of old Sith ships from the days of the First and Second Sith Empire

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