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Landscape Update

Still working on the new landscape...
Its a real time eater....
These are fullbright images as its not yet compiling properly... and all taken from the same place on a crest separating the main compound from the trail to the landing field. (And no... you won't be able to get up here when I'm done!)
Also cos I've moved a bunch of stuff around and cut out sections of the terrain, the alpha map (That sorts out where the textures go and how they blend) is no longer accurate - will have to make a new one soon.
Anyways, you should be able to see some of the NEW parts... the 2nd tower (non enterable), the new curving power lines, a bit of the new beach, the landing field, etc.
Takes forever to make these things look good, then forever more to make them "work" in the game.
Heck, might even have to redo the landscape from scratch again if this doesn;t work!!!
(Oh! The "missing" terrain sections have actually been rebuilt but I haven't properly set them up as part of the terrain entity, hence they don't show up and you can see how much I've been moving this stuff around to "fit" into what I'd already done!

btw, if you're curious, a friend of mine is kindly hosting my old 2002 website (gallery) until I finish my new one. Still haven't fixed all the links on the game dev page, but it was just pix from some of the old maps I've worked on.
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