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Fictional character--yes, unless Tysy says otherwise.

@Emperor Devon--Feats like Acrobatic, Ambidexterity, Fame, Spring Attack, Infamy, Mimic, Frightful Presence, Surgery, Starship operation, Zero-G training.

They have Force feats--the standard ones of Force Whirlwind and Master Speed and lightsaber defense, but also things like Compassion, Mettle, Link, and Malevolent.

I fount the TSL class progression tables from a gamefaqs link. I couldn't find them anywhere else. He has the prestige class table going up to 15. I feel lazy this week because of the report writing and don't feel like extrapolating the next 3 levels. I suggest we do up to level 8 in whatever initial class and then 10 in the prestige class, which is more in keeping with the game anyway (and you want the initial skills/feats from the initial classes, too). Note that the bonuses will stack--a level 8 Guardian/level 10 Weapon master will have a +4 def bonus from the Guardian table and +4 def from the Weaponmaster for a total +8.
This route is actually better for the consular classes--the def progression is better as a consular than Jedi Master.

We'll also have to take care to watch what force powers can be taken at what level.

My 2 pence worth for the moment.

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