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Chapter I
Carth’s Escape

Carth Onasi, was once a friend of Revan’s, before he fall to the dark side. Carth felt all alone. Both his and Revan’s other companions had been killed at the hands of both Revan and Bastila, when they had returned from the temple. Carth blamed Bastila for Revan’s fall. Simply it was because Revan knew that she would be killed if Revan didn’t save her. That was all in the past, however. He heard a loud noise and Carth looked up to see a flagship. That must be where Revan and Bastila are right now. Carth thought sadly, as the flagship left Rakata Prime.

“Hey you!” A voice shouted.

Carth turned to see several Sith troopers.

“You must come with us.” The voice continued.

“Why?” Carth asked, starting to feel angrier by the second, “Did your new lord send you all to capture me? Me, Carth Onasi, once a friend of his. Well tell you’re new lord this. Carth Onasi shall stop you once and for all!”

The leading Sith trooper got out a comlink.

“Lord Revan, an old friend of yours is…”

Carth suddenly whipped out his blaster pistols and shot the trooper dead. Then every trooper started to shoot, but Carth was very good with blasters and began to shoot then six men army. They all died. Carth knew that Rakata Prime wasn’t safe now. Not with the Sith armies using it as their headquarters. Perhaps the Rakatan could help him. He ran in the opposite direction. His only hopes now were to survive and to find a ship that could take him off the Planet.


After several minutes of trekking, Carth reached the home of the elders. This was where Revan had helped them, before his fall. Hopefully they would help Carth get transport of Planet. The door immediately opened and a friendly Rakatan greeted him.

“Excuse me, I need you’re help,” Carth told him, “I need a transport, so I can get to Coruscant and sort out this mess.”

The Rakatan said nothing, but let Carth inside. Even though they didn’t speak Galactic Basic, Carth could always understand what they said. The elder Rakatans sat and began to speak. Carth translated their language.

“We can’t provide transport.” One of them told Carth.

“The new Dark Lord has taken all our equipment and transports away,” Another told him, “We have nothing to offer.”

Carth felt ashamed. He felt guilty for their losses, but if he could stop Revan, then there was hope.

“I’m sorry to hear about your losses,” Carth told them, “Is there any abandoned ships?”

“Only the ones that crashed on the Planet,” Another Rakatan told him, “However Revan’s old freighter, the Ebon Hawk has been abandoned near here.”

Carth’s spirits went up. If the Ebon Hawk was here, then perhaps Carth had a chance of escape. And with the Sith fleet over the Planet, then Carth could escape perfectly. The plan was all fitting together nicely.

“Thank you,” Carth told them, “I promise to try and get you’re homeworld back to normal soon.”

With that, Carth bowed to the elders and ran off. They had said the Ebon Hawk wasn’t far.


Soon, Carth was near the site, where the Ebon Hawk was. The only problem was, a large legion of Sith troopers was guarding the Ebon Hawk. Were Revan and Bastila still here? Or was there something else, lurking aboard the freighter? Before he could get on the Ebon Hawk, he knew he had to disturb them. He ran towards a large rock and hid behind it. How could he disturb them? Then he noticed a small pebble, near the rock. Carth took it and threw it at one of the troopers.

“Go check what that was.” The commander told a trooper.

Carth heard the trooper approach. The trooper noticed him. It was time. Carth grabbed the unsuspecting trooper and knocked him out. Knocked out, Carth took the armour off and used it as a disguise. When he and Revan first met on Taris, they both used the disguise to get into the Lower City. This was different. Carth walked out as a Sith trooper and talked to commander.

“Lord Revan has just contacted me and has asked me to take a look at the Ebon Hawk.” Carth told the commander, hoping the disguise would work.

“Did he ask for authorisation?” The commander asked, “And what has happened to your voice, it seems to have changed?”

“Err… a sudden case of throat ache sir.” Carth told the commander.

“Okay then, but be quick.” The commander told Carth.

Carth got on the Ebon Hawk and saw Revan’s old Droids. The Assassin Droid, HK-47 and the Utility Droid, T3-M4. Carth took his helmet off. T3 immediately beeped out loud, excited to see Carth, but he told T3 to keep quiet.

“Query: What are you doing back here Meatbag?” HK asked rudely, “I thought the master had disposed of you.”

“No time for explanations HK,” Carth told him, “We need to escape and help the Republic.”

Carth ran to the cockpit and immediately set coordinates for Coruscant. He looked out the window to see all the Sith troopers alarmed and worried. Carth thought that they might contact Revan, but he hoped they wouldn’t. It was time to return to Coruscant and sort this mess out.

Stay tuned for Chapter II A New Apprentice
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