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Name: Sciamanos
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Race: Ubese
Affiliation: Sith/ Highest Payer
Rank: Mercanary/Warrior
Weapons: Cortosis Ore Battle Staff and Cortosis Ore Dagger, Thermal Detanator, and a high powered projectile (uses bullets) rifle
Equipment: The helmet features a targeting laser, vision-plus scanner, audio pickup, broadband antenna and speech scrambler. The body armor consists of an Ogygian cloak, impact armor for the neck and chest, a bandolier with a projectile detonator and ammo pouches, glove spikes, a chest-mounted comlink and a Ubese clan belt-clasp.
Homeworld: Uba IV
Skills: Infiltration and Stealth
Appearance: Though somewhat modified to an extent

I thought I should make some who is a nonjedi just to spice up things, if that's okay with the rest of you. Plus what I mean modified to an extent is that the 'Sciamanos' looks more like an ODST
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