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Commander Bonuses II

Props to YertyL for asking for this info in the first place. The original quote is in the regular EaW discussion.

Now, my question is regarding this particular quote:

Originally Posted by Darth_Torpid-PG

Fleet/Field Commanders - 25% enhancement bonus

Ackbar (Home One) - 25% health (space)

Emperor Palpatine - 25% health (space/land), 25% shields (space)

Tarkin - 25% health, 10% damage, 10% shields, 10% evasion, 10% move speed

Mon Mothma - 25% health

Piett (Accuser) - 25% health (space), 25% health to Star Destroyers (stacks)
Are these existing bonuses getting tweaked in FoC?

I'd like to see Mon Mothma be a tad more useful, even if she just gets the 25% shields thing Palpy has.

Also, if you have Piett and the Emperor along with the Executor, will this give it an extra 50% to health and 25% to shields?

If yes, that's going to take quite a bit to take down. Thoughts?

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