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Thanks for that igyman. Now here is another chapter, one that involves the kiddies. It took me forever to think of this chapter and I have 3 Ninjas to thank for that.

Chapter 15
“Objection: You Hutt spawn are mocking my technological superiority!”

“Be quiet HK. Hold still while I finish this update on your actuator and your assassination protocols will be online.”

“Be still bad droid!”

Morgan, Lilah and Tulre were in an apartment waiting for their parents to come back from whatever they were doing. Tulre made good on his promise and began to bring HK-47’s dormant assassination protocols online. He was doing fairly well with an occasional piece of advice from HK. The pieces of advice were followed by Lilah spouting out that HK was a bad droid or to be quiet. Morgan just watched with amusement.

Lilah was busy playing with her doll that Revan had made and chatting with Morgan who talked about what it was like being at the Jedi Academy. He talked mostly of missing his Papa. He was saying, “I don’t want Papa to leave again.”

“My papa won’t let him,” Lilah replied. At that age, dressed in a cute little tunic with golden brown pigtails, she believed her papa could do anything. She had watched when he lifted things that were too heavy for her or her mama without the Force. As she looked at the boy sitting across from her, she said, “My papa doesn’t like it when he goes away. Your papa doesn’t either.”

Tulre was listening to their conversation with an open ear. He missed his Dada when he had to go do whatever he had to do. He was glad that he and Lilah had their mothers but Morgan didn’t have that. He was sad that Morgan didn’t have a mother to be there. He paused and walked over to Morgan, leaving HK’s panel open. HK protested, “Objection: I detest this intolerable treatment. I will suggest dismemberment for you when master comes back!”

Tulre ignore the protocol droid as he sat near Morgan as he was saying, “I’m scared for papa.”

Tulre replied, “I’m scared too. Don’t worry. Marmar will protect us and Aunt Reva.”

That brought a smile to Morgan for then the little boy felt welcomed. He showed it when Tulre went back to work and handed him a hydrospanner using the Force. The three of them giggled together while HK still continued to complain about Tulre damaging his parts.

They had been there for a little over an hour when Lilah began to say, “Hurry Tulre. Bad men coming.”

Morgan chimed in, “I feel it too.”

“Ok. You’re all done HK,” Tulre said, closing the last panel. He ran to the corner where he had left his pack and slung it on his shoulder. He said, “You know what to do and you better do it well or I’ll put in a pacifist module or Uncle Atton will put you in the scrap heap.”

“Observation: Out of all the threats you have given me spawn of the Handsome Meatbag that has to be the most cruel of all. I rather like that.” If a droid could smile, HK surely would have.

Tulre didn’t get to respond for there was a loud bang outside the door and a bunch of voices. He stood in the center of the room looking at the door as he could hear the tell tale sounds of a slicer working. Morgan and Lilah stood with him, Lilah grabbing his hand and Morgan holding onto his tunic. Morgan tugged on it and whispered, “Stay here. Trust me.”

Tulre nodded and continued to stare at the door. HK had retreated to a dark corner where he could pick off the enemy without being seen. The new modules that Tulre installed were working perfectly and allowed HK to dim his eyes so he couldn’t be seen. The three of them just stood there when the explosion sounded and the door popped open to reveal four men and one woman dressed completely in black. They stared at the three children who stood stark still in the middle of the room looking at them with wide eyes. The woman said, “Come here children. We aren’t going to hurt you.”

“Warning: Any attempt to touch the little meatbags will result in termination.” HK fired off a few shots and downed two of the men.

The rest started to turn on the droid who emerged from his corner and began to fire. The woman shouted protests, “Forget the droid, and get the kids!” Seeing that they were not going to listen to her, she gave up and took off after the children who ran in three different directions. She took off after the eldest, Tulre.

Tulre ran into one of the rooms and locked himself into one of the storage closets. With that buying time, he managed to open the ventilation shaft and crawl through it. By the time the woman opened the closet, he was already towards where Lilah was supposed to be.

Lilah was hard to convince to get in because she was afraid of the dark. She said that the dark made her mama cry out scared sometimes. Tulre responded in the soothing tones he used on his stallion at home and finally managed to convince her to follow him by saying that they needed to get Morgan. They couldn’t leave family behind. Lilah agreed after finishing her sobs and crawled in. Tulre shut the grate and proceeded to where the refresher was. At the end, Morgan was waiting for them with a bottle of liquid soap and a container of some powder cleaner of some sort. He smiled and said, “To help HK.”

Tulre nodded and lead the way through the ventilation shaft. Pausing near one of the openings, he could hear HK spouting, “Unnecessary Threat: Die you meatbag scum!” It was followed by shouts from the men as they continued their strike against the droid. At one point, they managed to knock over the droid and continue their search for the kids. They paused by the opening, calling for the kids to come out. Tulre spotted something on the ground. A broom had fallen over. Using what he could of the Force, he moved the broom with enough force to knock both of them off their feet. Smothering giggles, he told Morgan to take the kitchen.

Morgan clutched his wares and trudged along, getting lost once until he found the kitchen. He was overhead the floor near the counter. Getting down as quietly as he could, he jumped down onto the counter. Carefully squeezing the bottle, he squeezed it all over the floor, creating an invisible film of slip and slide. He then proceeded to put the detergent into little paper bags. Hiding the evidence, he made his way towards the door to where the two men were arguing. He said in a careful sing song, “Oh no. Bad men.” He then shut the door and ran the long way around to get back on the counter where the opening was.

The two men opened the door to find a three-year-old boy looking at them innocent eyed and standing on the kitchen counter. They came charging at him only to slip on the floor where he had poured the soap. With a giggle, he jumped down to find Tulre.

Meanwhile, Tulre was teasing the woman by dodging her grabs. It was like playing the old game with Uncle Carth and Dustil. He grinned mischievously at the woman, as she grew frustrated. She didn’t see Lilah hiding above until she was clonked on the head with something she dropped. When the woman fell, Tulre grabbed Lilah and went to find Morgan. Together the three of them managed to set HK right who was muttering at the indignities he had suffered and they hid behind him.

The three attackers came stumbling out to be greeted by a psycho killer droid and bombshells of detergent. It was enough for them as they headed out of the apartment and took off. HK spoke, “Warning: Come back again meatbag scum and I’ll finish the job.” The droid then did the unthinkable and locked all four of them in the closet muttering in a voice that sounded oddly familiar, “Mockery: HK you will protect them. HK keep them safe.”

Kirabaros came running up just as the three attackers left in a hurry. They were hunched over and thought that they had taken the children. He nearly wanted to cry out but forced himself to look in the apartment. He saw the body of one attacker and determined that HK must have got off a few rounds before being overpowered. What perplexed him was that there was no sign of the droid damaged or scrap. He scoured the apartment and found the detergent, and saw the slick floors and the opened air vents. It was then that he heard giggling and HK warning the little meatbags to be quiet or he would rip out their vocal chords. He followed the sounds to the closet they were in and banged on the door.

HK responded, “Warning: Back away or I’ll blast you meatbag scum.”

“HK open up, all clear,” Kirabaros wearily replied. When the door opened up, three children came bounding out all trying to tell of how the bad men came and how they bested them.

“Calm down all of you. I can see that you took care of things. I’m sure HK helped you.” Kirabaros was smiling at the three of them.

“Indignant Response: The three little meatbags insisted upon disobeying orders. Shall I attempt some form of punishment, possibly ripping out vocal chords?” HK emerged from the closet holding the sniper rifle that he was never parted with.

“No HK. Go scan the surrounding area,” Kirabaros replied. He checked to make sure the kids were ok when the others caught up to them.

Carth looked around at the mess in the apartment and asked, “Are the kids ok?”

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