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Tysy felt a tug within her mind through the Force, but it was slight.
Very slight. It was probably nothing, but as one of the lower Jedi
Masters subordinate to Luke Skywalker had told her, "Nothing is
nothing, young one. Nothing comes from nothing, and nothing
means nothing. Listen to every vibration that comes to
you from the Force, whether light or dark. It could warn you
of danger, or enlighten you in ways that you've never known.
Do not ignore the Force. Listen. Learn what it tells you."

So Tysy listened, but she did not learn. She tried to sense its
tone and its sound, but she did not hear. Who or what are
she asked herself, asked the tiny Force pull that she
had just felt. Still, she sensed nothing, and this troubled her.

"Am I going crazy?" she mumbled. "By Dantooine, I hope not!"

Suddenly, she felt another surge in the Force, but this one
was much stronger, and much more intense. She listened again:

One path will see you loved, adored, revered by all who
know you. However, it will deliver you and the galaxy unto
conflict and death.

The other path will see you cast down, exiled, punished, sentenced
to penal servitude fit for true convicts. However, you and the galaxy
will both be the stronger for it, and you shall have peace and life.

Choose carefully. Once you follow a path, there is no turning back.

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