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The secret throne world of the Dark Lord himself! Much like Palpatine's Byss, it was hidden within the Deep Core. But so much closer to the center of it.

Vryss was really an extraordinary planet. Near the center of the galaxy itself and surrounded by black holes and countless clusters of stars, it was unreachable by my most means. In fact, Devon had stumbled upon the planet by accident. When in a desire to see the heart of the galaxy, he had taken several ships and the strongest of his Dark Jedi to explore it. Their long-range sensors had picked up what they considered to be little more than asteroids, but Devon had sensed otherwise. They had gone to the system, and the Dark Lord knew he had discovered something special. By draining their lives away into raw power, he had channeled it and moved a star.

Arrival upon the planet soon proved how useful it was. Other than the flora and fauna, there was no life. The winds were always calm, constant rains came in light drizzles, and any magma from undeground had yet to come forth. The whole planet was completely stable, and to add a layer of icing to the cake, immensly strong in the dark side as well. The perfect retreat.

Soon after inspecting the planet, it was made the Dark Lord's secret throne world. Materials and slaves were sent to construct a citadel, and then all the living things who were invloved in some way or another were consumed by the planet's ravenous dark side energies. The fortress constructed was manned entirely by droids, as no one who could think independantly could ever be trusted.

The planet was perfect.

Devon's ship soon dropped out of hyperspace. It was the only one that had the coordinates to this place. From there, he recieved transmitted a signal to his fortress. After recieving one back and after answering several questions, his identity was confirmed. Massive tractor beam projectrs from the planet below latched onto a nearby star, and moved it aside. Devon's ship sailed through the passable gap, and was not fired on by several hundred ships after its visual identity was confirmed. The Dark Lors slave-rigged his ship to the controls on the planet below, and waited till he had landed.

The shuttle soon docked within one of his citadel's hangars. Devon departed from it, and journyed through his halls. They were magnificent.

Based off the architecture of the first Sith Empire and carved from black stone, this fortress was a wonder to look at. The pillars had been hewn from the rock they were part of, and were adorned with enough rubies and various black gems to buy a planet. The whole citadel was no doubt worth dozens with its materials, though in its contents, it could have bought half the galaxy.

Since his reign had begun, Devon had scoured the galaxy for Sith relics and artifacts. Any found were brougth to this fortress, which now easily rivaled the famed library of Osuss in its contents. Scrolls, tomes, weapons, statues, anything of the Sith that could fit in the citadel was in the citadel. Even Devon had not examined everything yet, and knew he probably never could. Though it would be so enjoyable and relaxing to become lost in thought amonst these treasures, his business was too pressing. He had to head for his meditation chamber at once.

Several hours and turbolifts later, he arrived. The meditation chamber held the basic Sith radition of being a round room devoid of furnishings, though he had altered a few things. Vast windows gazed down upon grassy fields soaked in rain, and various holocrons were on display. King Adas, Ragnos, Sadow, Nadd, Revan, Traya, the Exile, Palpatine, Krayt - the thoughts of all the greatest darksiders in recorded history were gathered here. And not just for aesthetic reasons. They enhanced his meditation to surprisingly enticing levels, and the ability to almost talk those figures via the holocron's gatekeepers instead helped.

Devon sat upon the floor, and for the first time since he last visited this place, truly relaxed. The dark side was at the height of its power here, and he no longer needed to singlemindedly hold his rotting body together. It felt so lovely to not concentrate on keeping each cell whole. It was like a bad headache going away, but on an entirely different level.

Devon closed his eyes, and reached out with the dark side. The barriers around his mind vanished, and it spread out across the universe. Stars, lives, planets, whole systems flicked by in seconds. Nothing was hidden from his all-seeing gaze. He stretched out across the cosmos, and felt himself sinking into the power the dark side offered, like a child being held by his mother.

His vision streemed across the universe. Right now on Tatooine, a moisture farmer was cursing over a vaporator. Devon so loved to watch that planet, despite its unimportance. Many great Sith had been involved in that place, and he had been as well.

Bored, his mind drew over Coruscant like a dark cloud. Right now, one of the Sith Lords was plotting how to kill his lord and reform the Sith in his own liking. How very foolish. One hundred was the perfect amount. No more, no less. Too few to have the civil wars of old, and too many to repeat the disaster at Endor. But he was wondering away from the point.

Devon's mind floated and stretched across the universe. So little was hidden now. Now, that was the problem! It needed to be then! Two millenia ago! The Dark Lord's mind tried to break out of the invisible box called time that constrained it. Where was important, but when even moreso.

Lend me your strength he thought to the holocrons about the room. In agreement, the power of the dark side coursed through Devon's body, empowering him. It was not enough. He focused. The energies of this planet streemed in, nearly causing him to clutch his heart in shock. But even that was not enough! He drew upon all the dark places in the galaxy, and power the likes of which other Sith had only dreamed of was his. But still not enough! He thought in anger. His mind rammed against the invisible barrier of time, but to no avail. Was this void uncrossable?

A revelation amidst his trance hit him. No! Of course not! The problem was so very apparent now!

He had not always existed, but the dark side had. He should not be the one to guide his mind in its journey through the unvierse, the dark side should. He would be a sailor on this ship, not the captain. He let go, and the dark side streemd through.

Ah, infinity, you are mine! He thought. His mind streamed along and melded with the dark side. It was now not only everywhere, but also everywhen! Every event that took place in history could have been his to witness if he wished. He saw it all; Darth Krayt, killing Fel. Such displeasure upon realizing it was a double! King Adas, battling the Rakata. His mighty legend had become known as the Sith'ari.

And now, the target of this search through time.


He felt her prescence, and tugged at it. Nothing. With all the power of the dark sides of now and then coursing through him, he projected a thought across the vast distances of space and time.

I know the answer. I am the one who is right. But who are you? The words would have cut into her mind like Echani firebrands.

Devon was hurled from the floor with the effort his thought took. He lay on the ground, staring up at the holocrons. That was magnificent!

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