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Originally Posted by john_ctg
Well, nice chapter.
Thank you.

Originally Posted by john_ctg
Seriously, Your Emperor is not *evil* enough. You can use Palpy as an example as evil.
There've not been too many opportunities to do so. But after how he decapitated the Vizier, ordered the virus-bombing of a district, sacrificed some of his followers to see a planet and allowed it to consume thousands of slaves to ensure word never got it and immersed himself in the dark side like that, he's not a very nice man.

I chose Palpatine and Kreia as something to draw a bit of his character from. He's not a Vader-style Sith Lord who goes around killing experienced officers for simple mistakes. He's more deceptive than that.

Anyway, he can't be that evil in all scenes. It's not like he'd be electrocuting chairs to show his malevolence.

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