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Originally Posted by john_ctg
you need to be more "Palpy" or "Kreia" style in order to get padawan successfully.
Hey, I've not even tried to convert her yet. Hold off on any advice until I do.

Originally Posted by john_ctg
Don't forget, your nemesis, Jae, is always on her back. "Jedi padawan", remember? Not "Sith Apprentice".
Tysys, Jae and I have discussed this in more PMs than I can remember. We've made the situation very clear to each other, and she will be neutral at the start of the duel. She's a lost and confused Padawan, remember.

Originally Posted by john_ctg
When can I see you guys duel?
Jae has her hands full with a veeeerry long report. She's been able to post comments here and discuss the duel with Tysy and I, but I don't think she'll have any chapters for you for a little.

Edit: Jae, you just love to prove me wrong in any possible way, don't you?

Originally Posted by Sabretooth
We will be great failures one day, you and I

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