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"Long" is the understatement of the century. My outline is 2 pages long. I wrote about 8 pages today, and got about 1/3 of the way through the outline. I'm hoping work's a little light tomorrow so I can get a lot done. I need to send it out Friday am, and I still have more data coming in from people. I have a bad feeling that I have some college-level marathon writing sessions ahead of me....
Anyway, the muse struck if briefly. But I probably won't be able to get anything more done til this weekend at least, so bear with me a little longer.


Jae woke up with a start, sitting straight up in bed. The vision made her heart beat wildly for a moment until she gained control and slowed the fierce pounding.

Talin rolled over, deep blue eyes still tiny slits in the dim light of the early morning, and found one of her hands, squeezing gently. "Another vision?"

Jae brushed back the red-gold hair that had fallen in her face, then looked over at her sleepy husband. "Yeah. This one was far more vivid. I'll tell you later, though, so you can go back to sleep."

"Not with your mind in that kind of turmoil. Come here," he said, drawing her into his arms. "Tell me."

Jae nestled against him and let the warmth envelope her. "I saw that time vortex again, the swirl of great light and dark. This time I could follow it to its source. A young Padawan is there, calling for help, and we're struggling to save her from some malevolent darkness. She's not sure which way to turn, and just as I reach her, the darkness attacks and I wake up."

"We? Both of us are fighting, then."

"You and me, yes. But I also saw Jolee."

Talin grinned, "The will of the Force brings us all together again. We'll have to go to Coruscant, then, and spring him from the Old Jedi Home, as he calls it. He'll be thrilled to see us again and get out of there."

Jae snorted. "He loves being on the Council, and you know it. He just won't admit it out loud. He's doing a lot of good, though. The Order's developed a vibrance about it, and people seem happier than I can remember in a long time."

"Happier than I can remember, period."

"I'm not sure if Vrook can stand any more of his improvements, however."

"Master Vrook is more flexible than anyone gives him credit for. He's a tough bird, but he knows when the times demand a change. Oh, we'll have to get some Ryloth beer over at Mik'oth's place, too. I found your dancer outfit hidden in one of the drawers the other day, you know. He'll love seeing you in it," Talin smirked.

Jae sat back up and whacked him with a pillow before Talin suspended it in mid-air in self-defense. "You, my dear husband, are just wicked. And Mik'oth still has openings in the Ladies' Lounge."

"OK, I give in. We can skip the, uh, entertainment part of his cantina. Now come back here so I can hold you properly."

Jae settled back down next to him and sighed softly at the comfort. "I'm concerned about that girl," she said, finally. "There's so much turmoil, so many paths to the future for her, so many fighting for her. I can't see how it ends."

"You may not be able to. We'll fly to Coruscant, talk with Jolee, and hopefully it'll shed some light on things."

"I don't know if it'll help. I feel like the girl has to make her own decision in the midst of all the fighting. It will be a difficult battle for her."

"We'll all find a way together. The Force is with us."

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