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I had never liked injections. Thought Devon.

And now look at me. My body is turning into mold before my very eyes, and now the medical droids have made me a pincussion!

He grimaced as several more needles were thrust into various organs. Three punctured his liver, and two for the kidney. Various other ones were put into his back and neck.

The lead medical droid nodded, and one gallon's worth of fluids were pumped into the Dark Lord's body. His mouth twitched, but he said nothing. Several seconds later, his body had broken most of it down into waste, leaving behind one liter's worth of the originally intended medicines. They would last several days before he required more.

"What have you found out?" Questioned Devon.

The main droid paused as information from a computer surged through it. "The usual, my lord. You are dying. You should have been in a coffin sixty years ago."

The Dark Lord scowled. These machines could never understand the concept of the Force.

"Never mind that, what else is new?"

"The latest blood samples have indicated that given your current condition and past history..." The droid paused for a moment.

"You have six months to live."

Devon's jaw dropped. "You told me two years last week!"

The droid hummed. "The tests you have taken defy all logic. The only plausible idea is that you did something which lowered your life by one and a half years yesterday. I would advise you to stop."

Devon's eyes widened in horror. "My newfound powers! They are - "

"Killing you." Interrupted the droid. "Your body appears it is being destroyed by whatever has kept it whole. You must cut back on whatever it is."

"Reduce my usage of the Force? I'll be weak! Vulnerable!"

"The alternative is death, my lord."

The Dark Lord's frown could have wilted flours. "Pump me full of medicines. Try again. I cannot be deprived of my greatest weapon when I could need it most!"

The droid swiveled about. "As you wish, my lord. Follow me to the room in the back. Please remove all your clothing, and do not take any form of painkillers. They could cancel out the positive effects of these drugs, provided that the three in eighty-nine chance your body does not ruin them comes through."

Devon frowned. I cannot go on like this. I will find you, Tysy. I will groom you into a worthy heir to my legacy, and you shall embrace the dark side utterly.

The medical droid hummed. "In order to try to make these drugs work, my lord, we will have to use the nine-inch needles. Be aware that you will find the areas they inserted into most uncomftorable."

Devon groaned. "Then get on with it!"

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