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(OOC: Jae, I hope you get that *SMURF* report done, too, because
as we all know in the working world, *SMURF* reports are no fun.
They drain us of energy, stamina, meaning and purpose, kind of like
Darth Nihilus does with the crew of the Ravager. Anyhoo... )

Tysy thought about returning to the Jedi Temple in the dark and
quiet of the evening, about telling one of the lesser Masters of the
one who had spoken to her through the Force. However, trusting
her instincts, she quickly decided against it. She didn't even know
who had spoken to her, let alone why. Why be a nuisance?

Grand Master Luke was consumed and preoccupied by how to deal
with the widening war against Corellia and her allies, not to mention
his own nephew, head of the Galactic Alliance Guard. Tysy had heard
rumors that Master Skywalker believed Jacen had turned to the Dark
Side. The young girl had no personal evidence that allowed her to
decide for herself, one way or the other. The most contact she'd had
with Jacen Solo, truth to tell, was only a few brief encounters in the
Temple. He'd walked past her, and she'd bowed every time. That was it.

Ah, yes. She would deal with this problem herself, alone, if it even
was a problem. Tysy would not trouble anyone else with this--event.

Come here, she said through the Force, at once humble and proud.
Her statement was a command, but one from a lower soldier, not a general.
Come here and answer to me, because I want to know who you are.

(OOC: I'll be back on Thursday evening from a business trip. Cheerio!)
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