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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
The droid swiveled about. "As you wish, my lord. Follow me to the room in the back. Please remove all your clothing, and do not take any form of painkillers. They could cancel out the positive effects of these drugs, provided that the three in eighty-nine chance your body does not ruin them comes through."

Devon frowned. I cannot go on like this. I will find you, Tysy. I will groom you into a worthy heir to my legacy, and you shall embrace the dark side utterly.

The medical droid hummed. "In order to try to make these drugs work, my lord, we will have to use the nine-inch needles. Be aware that you will find the areas they inserted into most uncomftorable."

Devon groaned. "Then get on with it!"
Seriously, man, I think ED is going to commit a suicide.

Is this New Republic or Old Republic? Luke is in New Jedi Order (New Repub) but some part in Jae's fic indicates Old Republic (Like Jolee Bindo, he's in 4000 years before Battle of Yalvin)

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