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Originally Posted by CSI: Nihilus
Seriously, man, I think ED is going to commit a suicide.
He never will, unpleasant as some of his life may be.

Originally Posted by CSI: Nihilus
Is this New Republic or Old Republic?
Tysy's in the Galactic Alliance (about 40 years after the movies), Devon's in the fourth Sith Empire (2,000 years after the movies) and everyone nows where Jae is.

Jae, you are officialy completely kebonkers now. The fact that you're actually doing thar report voluntarily is deserving of several years in Hotel Asylum at the minimum. With myself as the warden.

Next, I've found something I can blackmail you with. Give me a good reason not to PM that Orlando Bloom remark to Jimbo. I'm open for bribes.

Originally Posted by Sabretooth
We will be great failures one day, you and I
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