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Originally Posted by CSI: Nihilus
Well, what Sith is doing is equal to committing suicide. They betray themselves, what's the difference to suicide?
But why kill himself? Devon is powerful enough that the only thing which can claim his life is his disease, and he'd be very foolish to say "To heck with it. I'll kill myself now!" when it's possible he can have an heir.

Originally Posted by CSI: Nihilus
Well, 40 ABY and 2000 ABY...A Jedi padawan can live that long? Then she is not a Jedi Padawan. She's a Grand Master (Or worse, a Force Ghost). Then you have no match for her.
This is taking place during seperate times. Devon is not alive in 40 ABY, and Tysys is not alive in 2000 ABY. They have been communicating through time.


The Force was strong with her, indeed. Communicating into the future with so little effort! But then again, her body was not a decaying mass of flesh unable to sustain the power that resided in it. Sending actual words though time would have been risky, far too risky indeed. So Devon sent images instead.

The Dark Lord gently worked his way into her mind. Not forcefully while battering down the barriers around it, but obviously and without hostility. He did not speak, but sent a captivating vision.

He appeared as nothing but black fog with the outline of a human form. Grey mists swirled around him, and he extended his hand. Nothing was said, but he conveyed images. He sent her visions of a far-off empire, that had unified the entire galaxy. There was no war, and he ruled without question. Everything was stable and orderly. It was a utopia, which knew nothing other than peace. There were great monuments and palaces. Those touched by the Force discussed its nature. Ideas were exchanged, and knowledge was planetiful. This empire was wealthy not only physically, but also through the mind. Perfect order, perferct law. There were no enemies and wars to be fought. Great fleets of ships maintained the peace with a vigilance the Jedi had never possessed.

But then it changed. The paradise went up in flames, and order transformed into chaos. Fire brought down the great monuments, and power-hungry warlords carved out petty fiefs and kingdoms from the bloated carcass of a once-great empire. The death toll went into the quadrillions, until it grew so high there were no numbers to count it. Anarchy. Disaster. Barbarism. A great dark age. This would all happen if the empire's leader died and no one replaced him. He had no heir.

You can prevent this, his image whispered. Join me. Become my apprentice. Prolong my empire's golden age. All you have to is touch that side of he Force Jedi name forbidden.

For the sake of countless innocents, do it. Let me teach you the true nature of the Force. When you have decided you wish to save a galaxy's worth of lives, I will come for you.

The Skywalkers are but novices compared to my might. I can make you powerful beyond your wildest imaginings...


So that's who she is, thought Devon. It had taken several hours of searching, but he had found her eventually. Something had been trying to hinder the vision he had sent to Tysy. Her mind was not nearly as advanced as his was, and he had smothered the feeble warnings of light she had sent in an cloud of darkness nothing could penetrate. Her vision into this matter was blocked by the shadows of the dark side now.

But all the same, someone else had known about this.

Which was why he had searched for her. It took an annoyingly long amount of time, but he eventually traced her back to her time and place.

He saw her now. Embraced by her husband, and even daring to think she understood the depth of this situation.

The Force is with you indeed, little Jedi, he sneered.

He he struck suddenly, and broke into her mind. She tried to raise some feeble barriers against him, but his will was far stronger than hers. He burst through like a hammer smashing china. Once inside, he made no effort to be gentle or subtle like had with Tysy. She might be able to find out who he was, but he didn't care.

Her mind was like a head of messy hair, and he was the comb. Her resistance was futile, but annoying nontheless. He combed through all her thoughts, dreams, memories and desires, and felt outrage being directed against him. This was not his to see. He ignored her protests, and continued searching through her mind. What a pathetic life of a pathetic Jedi, he thought. Your victory over that fool Miraxton has inflated your perception of your feeble skills.,

Several minutes passed, and he continued to comb through. When someone's mind is being searched, it can be extremely painful for the recipient. Devon made no effort to shield her. It took a little while, but he stumbled upon her name. The information was trivial compared to what else could have found, he had initally thought. But not so much more now.

Jae Onasi?

It was risky, but he spoke with her now. It would be less dangerous than the first time. The holocrons would sustain him.

You should not even exist! Revan killed your master on Rakata Prime!

He paused. But it matters not. Your pathetic mind cannot hope to grasp the complexity of this situation. It is a waste of time to even speak to you.

But lastly, I have a parting gift.

Devon reached into her free nerve endings and altered them with the Force. They would now react as if suffering from extreme nociception.

Enjoy. I hope your husband does as well.

Originally Posted by Sabretooth
We will be great failures one day, you and I
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