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I think it's North West. Lili did say her home was on the East coast, which seems to imply they're fairly far from there. Also, note that even though it's a summer camp, most of the kids are wearing long-sleeves, sweaters, etc. This seems to suggest it's kind of chilly up there...or it does to me, anyway. So I'm guessing somewhere around the North West.

And then there was the miners skull. Cause the west....I think.


“Raz,” Oleander groaned. “How many times do I have to tell you? You don't have to sneak in here past security every time you come anymore! You can just come in through the gate! You know, like everyone else?”

“Oh, I know. I just like this way better.”

--Cursum Perficio, chapter two, by Digitaldreamer.
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