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Chapter III

''The Force is strong with this one.''
Darth Vader

Ossus. The planet had its share of wars and destruction. It has been destroyed twice now. The second time, more recently, by the Sith forces who were lead by Darth Nihl, one of Krayt's Hands. Among many other Jedi that died that day was Kol Skywalker, leading member of the last Jedi Council and the father of Cade Skywalker. It was that day, the day of the Massacre of Ossus, that almost drove Cade to the Dark Side, when he brought back his Master, Wolf Sazen from the edge of death using the Force. It was that day, seven and a half years ago that made Cade turn away from his legacy and pursue a career among pirates, smugglers and bounty hunters. He remembered it as if it happened yesterday.

During his time with the bounty hunters he ran into a Jedi, a Bothan Jedi named Hosk Tre'lyis. Cade refused it at first, didn't want to hear anything Tre'lyis had to say, didn't want to have anything with the Jedi, except to collect bounty the Sith put on them, but in the end he changed his mind, made the right choice, or rather decided to give Jedi a second chance and parted ways with his two bounty hunter comrades as friendly as he could.

After the Massacre of Ossus, seven years ago, the surviving Jedi scattered throughout the galaxy. They chose places where few would think to look, just like the Jedi Masters of old during the aftermath of the Jedi Civil War. The only difference was that this time there was no Republic and the Sith were controlling the galaxy. The Sith had agents everywhere and the Jedi rarely dared to gather on populated worlds, lest they be tracked down by Krayt's minions.

After the return of Cade Skywalker into the Jedi Order, or at least what remained of the Order, some of the remaining Jedi gathered at their ruined and abandoned Academy on Ossus. Cade's old master Wolf Sazen was proven right. A Skywalker was needed to gather the Jedi, but Cade himself was not a Jedi yet. He missed seven years of training and it was necessary to fill as many holes as possible and in the shortest possible time.

So Cade trained and trained, under the watchful eye of Master Sazen, the one-armed Zabrak. He lost his arm fighting Darth Nihl the day Ossus fell, but it didn't affect his skill with the lightsaber, or his skill in the Force. If nothing, it made him stronger and more careful. The only thing that scared Sazen was that Cade could fall to the Dark Side. It scared him ever since Cade brought him back to life by tapping into the Dark Side of the Force and Sazen would do his best to prevent it from happening. He would pass on all his knowledge and wisdom to his apprentice.

''Good, Cade, very good.'' Sazen said, ''Soon you will master the Shii Cho form of lightsaber combat perfectly.''

''What can I say Sazen. I'm a fast learner.'' Cade said loosely, the years spent amongst pirates and bounty hunters impacted on his behaviour.

''That may very well be true, but don't get too overconfident and don't let pride and arrogance cloud your judgement. That is the path to the Dark Side.'' Sazen said caringly.

''Right. You know, this is the fourth time in the last hour that you've lectured me on the dangers of the Dark Side.'' Cade said smugly.

''Yes, I did. It is a very important lesson to be learned.'' The Zabrak confirmed.

''You are becoming boring, Sazen. We both know why are you repeating it so much.''

''Is that so? Well, I'm glad that you know and I hope that you realize what danger you put yourself in... put everybody else in...''

''When I brought you back to life.'' Cade finished the sentence for him.

''Yes, exactly. So, do you understand?'' Sazen asked, slightly annoyed by Cade's attitude.

''I understand what you are afraid of, but I don't agree with you.'' Cade said, ''I think it is a gift. Imagine how many lives I can save with that power! Imagine what I could accomplish!''

''This is precisely what I was warning you about, Cade! You are letting your anger and your pride control you! Fight it, you must control them and keep them in check.'' Sazen bursted out.

''Now who's in danger of falling to the Dark Side?'' Cade asked sarcastically, ''Don't worry Sazen, I won't let my anger control me.''

''I certainly hope so, Cade.'' Sazen said calmly, ''For your sake and for everybody else's.''

It was almost nightfall and Shado Vao was coming to call Sazen and Skywalker for dinner. Shado is a Twi'Lek Jedi with great talent and potential and Cade's old friend. Seven years ago Shado was a mere Padawan, just as Cade was, but now he was a Jedi Knight. His sister, Astraal Vao, on the other hand decided that her place was with the Imperial Mission and was now a close companion of Princess Marasiah Fel. Shado entered the courtyard just to witness the end of Cade's and Sazen's argument.

''Am I interrupting something?'' He asked.

''Nothing. Nothing at all.'' Cade replied, ''What's up, Shado?''

''Well, it's almost dinner time, so I came to get the two of you.'' Shado said.

''We're coming.'' Sazen said as calmly as he could, ''I hope you will seriously consider what I have said, Cade.'' Sazen said as he walked out of the courtyard and back into the Academy.

''Sure, Sazen.'' Cade said, ''Sure.''

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