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Chapter VI

''Your chances come in two shapes. Slim, and fat.''
Mace Windu

''As I'm sure you can understand, we would keep most of the profits and give you a certain percentage.'' Rav said. The negotiations were taking forever. The Hutt drove a hard bargain, but Rav drove a harder one.

(''You have a lot of guts, Feeorin, to talk to me like that.'') Queen Jool said. Like the rest of the Hutts, she understood Galactic Basic, but spoke only in Huttese.

''I beg your pardon, I believe I was appropriately polite and respectful.'' Rav countered, as if offended.

(''You know what I mean.'') The slimy, green skinned Hutt muttered, (''You offer me some small percentage, as if I'm some patethic lowlife. It's a disgrace, an informant gets a bigger cut than what you're offering me.'')

''We're all lowlives. Jool, you arrogant slug.'' Rav thought. ''Well, why don't you make a suggestion and I'm sure we can work out a mutually benefitial arrangement.'' He suggested.

(''I want fifty percent of your earnings, Rav.'') Jool said bluntly, (''That's how much it costs to be under my protection, to work on my turf and to live on my turf.'')

''Thirty percent.'' Rav said.

(''Fourty and not one less.'') Jool said.

''Thirty five.'' Rav countered, ''How about it?''

(''Hah, hah, hah! You're brave, bounty hunter.'') Jool laughed, (''Very well, thirty five percent it is.'')

''Then it's settled.'' Rav concluded, ''We'll leave in an hour and will be on Coruscant as early as tomorrow.''

(''Drop by my cantina, Rik's. To... work out the details. I'll be seeing you.'') Queen Jool said and ended transmission.

Jariah Syn and Deliah Blue were standing right behind Rav the whole time. They never said a word during the negotiations, but Rav knew they weren't thrilled with the arrangement.

''Thirty five percent! Rav, we're being ripped-off!'' Syn bursted out finally.

''Ah, there it is.'' Rav expected this, ''It's a necessity. We won't be working for her for the rest of our lives, it's only temporary. Until we find a better deal.'' Rav tried to calm the situation.

''I don't like it, Rav.'' Blue added, ''I think Jool is up to something, I could feel it in her voice.''

''Maybe she is, but we're not exactly bantha herders. We can handle whatever she tries to throw at us. And there's always the possibility that she is on the level.'' He answered.

''I still think we should find Cade. I don't think he'd refuse to help us out.'' Blue insisted.

''You're never gonna drop it, are you?'' Syn interfered, ''Sober up, Deliah! He's gone with those Jedi. He ain't coming back!''

''No, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't help us if we went to him.'' She countered fiercely.

A thunder-like sound in the distance made them pause. For a moment everything was silent as a grave. A minute, or two. Then another thunder in the distance. And another and another. Explosions.

It was morning already and the Imperial forces launched their second attack against the Sith base. It took the three bounty hunters awhile to realize what was happening and when they did the only surprise they felt was that the second attack happened so soon after the first one. It was time to leave. Rav knew it, Syn knew it and even Deliah knew it.

''We're running out of time, so let's cut this short.'' Rav said finally, ''Do you have any idea where Cade might be?''

''Not really, but where can a Jedi be, if he wants to train? He must be at one of their Academies.'' She answered.

''Uh-huh. You know you're only guessing?'' Rav asked sarcastically.

''Maybe, but I think it's better than working for Jool and since we know that the Sith are using the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, we can rule out that place, which leaves Yavin IV and Ossus.''

''And you'd be willing to bet your life that he's on one of those planets?'' Rav said.

''I would.'' She answered confidently.

''Fine.'' Rav said reluctantly, ''Go then and check it out. Me and Syn, however, are going to Coruscant. We'll honor our arrangement with Jool and wait for you there.''

''Alright, if that's how you want it, but be careful. I'd bet my hydrospanner that Jool isn't completely on the level with us.''

Rav nodded and the three ran out of his office and straight into Rav's hidden hangar. Deliah took the shuttle while Rav and Syn took the Mynock, the ship once used by Cade, Deliah and Syn. They snuck off the planet on its other side and went their separate ways.

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