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Chapter VII

''What are you waiting for? Flowers and a box of candy?''
Mace Windu

It was high noon on Bastion. As Sigel Dare entered Fel's audience chamber flashes of the battle flew through her mind.

She was leading a squadron of ten starfighters and one transport shuttle against the Sith. It took them awhile, but the fighters managed to destroy the generator that was powering the weapon emplacements. Most importantly, it took the lives of two of the starfighter pilots. The remaining eight starfighters swarmed in on the base and provided cover fire for the transport with the squadron of ground troopers. It was a bloody battle, laser fire and explosions flashing from all directions, the Sith warriors charging at the troops like madmen with their red lightsabers drawn. They didn't fear death. A third of the ground forces were lost before the last of the Sith warriors fell. The battle was over and what remained of the Sith stronghold was theirs.

It was a costly battle and Sigel only hoped that the lives lost were worth it. And now she had to report it all to Roan Fel, to her Emperor. He sat on his chair in a calm stance, typical for him. Draco was once again standing beside him and two more Imperial Knights were guarding the entrance to the room.

''I hear you have been victorious, Sigel.'' Fel said with an authoritative tone.

''Yes, your majesty. The Sith of Socorro lie dead and their base in ruins.'' She replied.

''Excellent work. I knew my trust in you wasn't misplaced.'' Fel said with his formal voice.

''We lost a lot of good men, loyal soldiers out there.'' She added.

''Their lives are not given in vain. Trust me.'' Fel said calmly.

''I certainly hope so. There's something else, your majesty...'' Dare started.

''Yes?'' Fel lifted an eyebrow in wonder.

''Before we destroyed the base, I ordered a tech team to slice into their database. They downloaded all the files, but these two seemed particularly interesting.'' She said as she handed a datapad to Fel.

He took a glance at the screen and tossed back the datapad to her. ''Irrelevant.'' He said coldly, ''That is of no consequence to us.''

''I beg your pardon, your majesty, but how can it not be? It might be an opportunity we've been waiting for.'' Sigel insisted.

''For what? An attack on the capital?'' Fel bursted out, ''No! We will continue to do as we have done so far. When the time comes we will retake Coruscant.''

''Respectfully, your majesty, but how long will that take? The Sith underestimate us! Their attention is turned to other goals, now is the time to strike.'' She insisted.

''I see you have been somewhat influenced by Antares here. He also doesn't like our current tactics.'' Fel said as calmly as he could, ''Well, I don't like them either, but that's all we've got now. Understood? When I find the situation approprate I will order an attack on the Capital, not before.'' He glanced at Draco and then turned his gaze to Sigel.

''I understand.'' She admitted defeat. He was her Emperor after all, he knew best.

''Good. And you Antares? Do you understand?'' Fel asked, glancing at Draco with the corner of his eye.

''I understand, your majesty.'' He said.

''Good. You may be excused, both of you.'' Fel said.

Sigel and Draco nodded and went for the door. They walked across the reception hallway to the Military Wing. Sigel was a little disappointed that Fel dismissed the information she showed him so quickly, but she tried to persuade him otherwise and it didn't work. Smething else needed to be done.

She was walking so fast that Draco had to run a few steps to catch up with her.

''Sigel, wait.'' He said.

''Yes?'' She turned around to see him slowing down and walking to her.

''You have to understand something...'' He started calmly.

''I understand a lot, but I can't understand the Emperor dismissing this so quickly. Not after we've lost so many men to get this. The Sith database is the reason I requested to bring ground forces, I could have leveled that entire base from the air, but I wanted to try to find something useful and I have.'' She said almost with anger.

''The Emperor values your actions, but he is a proud man. He will change his mind. I'll talk to him. Privately. It's all about subtlety, Sigel.'' Draco calmed her down.

''Very well. Here.'' She handed him the datapad, ''See what you make of this, personally I find it a very interesting read.''

''I'll study it carefully, I promise.'' Draco said and he meant it. If there was anything useful in those files he would find a way to persuade the Emperor into action.

''I'm going to my quarters.'' Sigel said, ''I'm desperate for a good sleep.'' She turned and left.

Draco watched her leave the room and then he finally lowered his look to the screen of the datapad she gave him. There were three files on it. They went in the following order: The Jedi Healer, The Unknown Threat and at last The murders on Coruscant.

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