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Chapter XI

''Oh no my young Jedi, it is you who are mistaken ... about a great .. many .. things.''

''Queen Jool?'' Cade said, ''I didn't know things got that desperate.''

''Neither did I.'' Blue agreed.

They were sitting at the Ossuary mess hall, well, the improvised mess hall. Cade fixed himself another Norvanian Grog and one for Deliah, too. They were slowly sipping their drinks as Deliah explained the situation to Cade.

''You want me to help you do... what exactly?'' Cade asked smugly, but with slight confusion. He could read her mind, he mastered that Force power long ago, but he didn't do it out of sheer courtesy.

''I want you to go with me to Coruscant and get them.'' She said bluntly.

''And then what?''

''Then come back here. I thought you'd talk to your Jedi buddies and arrange us a temporary stay at your lovely Academy.'' She said with a dose of mockery.

''Uh-huh. And why do you think they'd allow you to stay?'' He asked, ''I'm not sure I have that kind of influence here.''

''Oh, come on, Cade. You know you have.'' Deliah insisted.

''Ahhh, fine.'' He said reluctantly, ''Let's go.''

''Go where, Cade?'' Master Wolf Sazen interrupted.

''To Coruscant. I gotta help my old bounty hunter pals.'' He said.

''You can't leave now, your training is not yet complete. And Coruscant? Have you considered what would happen if the Sith got a hold of you?'' Sazen said with obvious concern.

''The Sith? Who says they'll even know I was there?'' Cade asked with a dose of arrogance.

''Cade, please reconsider.'' Sazen repeated his warning, ''This is not the time to interrupt your training. Besides, that might only be an elaborate trap. They are bounty hunters, Cade.''

''I'm leaving and that's final.'' Cade said, determined to end this conversation, ''When I get them we'll all come back here.''

''Actually, leaving might not be that bad an idea.'' Shado interrupted them all. In his look they could feel that this was somethng serious.

Shado walked closer to the rest of the group and relayed the terrible news he had. His sensors have detected a squadron of Imperial fighters on approach vector to the Ossus Academy.

''I have no idea how they found us, but they are here and they are heading right for us. There's still enough time to escape unnoticed.'' Shado suggested.

''Damn.'' Deliah said, ''This is all my fault.''

''What do you mean?'' Sazen asked as calmly as he could.

''Before I came here, I went to Yavin. I ran into a Sith patrol there. I... I thought I'd lost them, but they must have followed me.'' She said with sadness and guilt in her voice.

''We better hury, if we're going to get out of here.'' Sazen said after a minute of complete silence.

They ran toward the courtyard and their ships. On the way they alerted the other two Jedi that were hiding at the Academy with them, one of them was Master Hosk Tre'lyis, the Jedi who brought Cade here in the first place, though he couldn't have done it without the influence of Luke Skywalker's Force spirit. When they arrived to the courtyard they could already see the squadron of Imperial fighters approaching. They all hurried into the large transport freighter and lifted off. Safe at last. Or at least that's what they all thought for a moment, but then they heard a thumping sound and the ship vibrated. They were being shot at. Cade rushed to the storage bay. He felt he had to do something.

''Where the Kessel are you going, Cade?'' Blue shouted from behind.

''There's an X-Wing fighter in the storage bay. As soon as we leave Ossus' orbit I'm heading out to try to do something about those fighters chasing us.''

''Are you nuts? There's a whole squadron behind us.'' She shouted again.

''A squadron of five ships. I can take them.'' He replied, his smile radiating with confidence.

''Just be careful not to repeat what happened the last time you did this.'' Shado shouted from behind.

''Don't worry, I'm a much better pilot now.'' Cade put on another smug smile and left for the storage bay.

The ship vibrated from the hits. The TIE's were right behind them and they weren't planning on letting them go. After about five minutes of defying the planet's gravity while being shot from behind the transport freighter managed to break free of Ossus' orbit. The pursuing TIE's sped up and a storm of red laser fire came from their direction. The transport's shields were holding, but they weren't going to hold forever.

The pursuers paused and just before they launched another salvo, an X-83 twintail fighter flew out of the larger ship and spat blue laser fire all over the attackers. Two pursuing ships exploded in a blaze of orange flames and smoke while the remaining three took evasive maneuvers and focused their attention on the attacking fighter. They broke formation and divided. One TIE was trying to get Cade's attention while the other two were attempting to sneak up from behind. They had no idea that they were fighting a Jedi. Cade felt their thoughts through the Force and quickly fired upon the ship in front of him after which he pulled his ship up vertically and arced back to get behind the other two ships while the third exploded from the hit. The other two were going too fast and didn't even notice what Cade had done until it was too late. Cade opened fire from behind and the two ships exploded, leaving only small bits of debris. It was over. They were safe again.

The storage bay doors closed behind the X-83 and Cade jumped out of the fighter to see Deliah and Sazen waiting.

''Nice job.'' Deliah said with a smile.

''Thanks. What now?'' Cade asked as he caught his breath.

''Well, I suppose we might as well go to Coruscant to get those friends of yours.'' Sazen said, ''Maybe once we meet up, we'll be able to help each other.''

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