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Chapter XII

''Examine all obstacles carefully. With a little ingenuity, they can often be turned into levers.''
Grand Admiral Thrawn

''Damn it.'' Marasiah cursed after hearing the news.

It was evening. Both Marasiah and the three Imperial Knights did their tasks, but the results weren't satisfying. It is amazing with what speed they all managed to finish it, beside their usual obligations.

''So that's it?'' Marasiah spoke a moment later.

''We're on our own.'' Sigel confirmed with equal disappointment.

''I can't believe it.'' Marasiah said, ''Not one soldier and not one Imperial Knight is willing to help us.''

''They blindly trust in your fathers tactics.'' Draco explained as calmly as possible.

''They have agreed though to keep our proposition to themselves.'' Ganner added, trying to lighten up the atmosphere.

''Meaning they won't report it to my father. Well, that's something.'' The Princess said grimly.

''The only question left is what now?'' Draco pointed out.

''If you three are willing, the four of us could go to Coruscant and perform the mission ourselves.'' Marasiah suggested with some reservation.

''I say we do it. Even if we fail, we will die with the satisfaction that we did all we could.'' Sigel almost shouted out.

''And we will take as many Sith as we can with us.'' Ganner Krieg eagerly agreed.

''We are with you, Princess.'' Draco confirmed calmly.

''Excellent. Meet me on the landing pad tonight at midnight. It's when the guards' shifts change. A perfect moment for us to sneak out.'' Marasiah said.

The three nodded in agreement, said goodbye and left to finish their regular duties. There was a lot to do and there wasn't much time to do it.

The first thing Marasiah did was prepare her own lightsaber. She too was a trained Knight after all. As all Imperial Knights Marasiah too carried a silver bladed lightsaber. The identical lightsabers represented a symbol of loyalty to the Emperor and a symbol of the Emperor's greatness, the Emperor always came first. Always, except for this time. Now the galaxy came first. It was rather ironical, but it was necessary. Marasiah only hoped that, when her father eventually realizes what they had done, he will gather the courage and reason to bring his fleet to Coruscant and help them.

Sigel Dare spent the few hours she had burried in paperwork. Reports, plans, orders, it all had to be signed, approved and filed. A very unusual work for an Imperial Knight. What little time she had left after that she spent in her room. She didn't have much to bring with her. Her lightsaber, the Imperial Knight uniform she was wearing and a pair of casual clothes, for the needs of subterfuge.

Ganner Krieg was in his office. Although he said he was with them, he didn't completely agree with what they were planning, but Antares was his friend and the Princess' safety was his duty, as it was the duty of any other Imperial Knight. He would be there for them and, if needed, give his life in the process.

Antares Draco, the leader of the Imperial Knights, the most trusted and most devoted of them all. He would obey the Emperor's wishes and give his life for the Emperor without regret, but now he was about to do something that completely opposed his convictions. He would go against the Emperor's wishes. It was betrayal, but it was for the good of the galaxy and for the good of Fel's Empire. This is what Draco told himself during his meditation in these few hours. It was almost time to go. Draco said a quick prayer for his other three companions and another for ther Emperor. He stood up, took his lightsaber and attached it to his belt, then he took his small bag and departed.

Midnight came. The sun disappeared over the horizon and the sky changed its color from orange-yellow to dark blue. Marasiah was waiting at the ship's entry ramp. She kept herself busy in the last few hours by fitting a cloaking generator aboard her private transport shuttle. The cloaking shield had its flaws, as it was never fully developed. It blocked sensor signals from penetrating it from the outside, but unlike the older versions it didn't block out the signal of the sensors from the ship it was installed on. The downside was that the generator could work for only ten minutes, then it would shutdown and recharge, which took another ten minutes.

The three Imperial Knights arrived as was agreed. Each of them in their full uniform and each of them carrying a small bag, presumably with some inconspicuous clothes. Marasiah waved to them and they quickly ran to the shuttle.

''Let's go.'' She said, ''We only have a few minutes to leave the planet undetected.''

The three nodded and entered the shuttle. The ramp closed behind them and the shuttle lifted off with the cloaking generator activated. Exactly ten minutes later they left Bastion's orbit, the cloaking generator shut itself down and the shuttle quickly distanced itself from the planet's orbital sensors.

''Course set for Coruscant.'' Sigel reported and the shuttle jumped into hyperspace.

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