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Chapter XVII

''The son of Skywalker must not become a Jedi''
Darth Vader

''I am sorry father, but you didn't listen so I took matters into my own hands. I have gone to Coruscant to retake the galaxy from the Sith. Don't worry, Draco, Sigel and Krieg are here to protect me. Goodbye, father. Wish me luck.''

The holorecording ended and Roan Fel sat on his throne on Bastion, as if he were paralyzed. He couldn't believe his eyes, or his ears. ''Mobilize our fleet.'' He ordered finally, ''We go to Coruscant.'' He barely pronounced it. His only hope was that Marasiah was still alive.


Ralik pulled his hood back on and took a look around the Throne room. Next to him a dried and already half-decomposed corpse of Darth Krayt lay and near the entrance to the Throne room, at the base of the left glass wall lay Darth Talon.

''Awaken.'' She heard the voice saying. She opened her eyes to see her former master slain and a dark and hooded figure standing next to his corpse. Looking at her. She rose slowly, trying not to make a move that would provoke the figure.

''Approach.'' She heard him say. She obeyed. Slowly the Twi'Lek walked to the base of the throne.

''What is your name?'' Ralik asked her.

''I am Darth Talon, Hand of Darth Krayt. I am a Sith warrior.'' She replied.

''I asked for your real name.'' Ralik smiled deviously, ''You think that having a ''Darth'' in your name makes you a Lord of the Sith? You are mistaken.''

''I have no other name, but the one my master gave me.'' The Twi'Lek said with confusion.

''Yes you do, you have only forgotten it. Become my apprentice and learn what it means to be a true master of the Force, what it means to wield true power. Learn the way of the True Teachings and I will restore your true name to you.'' He proposed with a righteous tone.

''I submit... master.'' The Twi'Lek said, ''I wish to learn the way of the True Teachings.''

''Good. Then remember your true name.'' Ralik said with dark satisfaction.

''Ryleena.'' The word echoed in her mind. ''My name is Ryleena and I submit to your will, master.''

''Good. I am pleased. Stay sharp, my apprentice. Soon we will have company and you will get the chance to prove your worth. Think of it as your... first test.'' Ralik said with a grim smile.

Meanwhile, back on the landing pad the conversation went on. Sazen still had that look of a man who knew more than he was sharing with the class, but he was about to explain everything. The circumstances demanded it. This was no time for secrets.

''Well, Sazen?'' Cade asked suspiciously.

''It's something your father, Kol, said. Something that was passed on to him by his father, Ben, your grandfather and to him by your famous great-grandfather, Luke Skywalker.''

''What was it?'' Cade was interested and so were the rest of them.

''In the last years of his life Luke Skywalker was visited by two very interesting individuals. Two droids to be exact, ancient droids.'' Sazen started to explain.

''How ancient?'' Cade asked.

''Four thousand years. They once belonged to a famous Jedi who fought and defeated a great and dark foe. They said that their master predicted that in the far future that darkness will rise again and that he left them to stop it.'' Sazen said.

''Two droids? You're kidding me?'' Cade said. The others just listened to the story.

''Yes. An astromech droid and a rusty-red assassin droid with a rather strange personality.'' Sazen confirmed.

''That must be the droid we saw at Rik's, the one that killed Jool's thugs after they went for that hooded guy.'' Deliah pointed out.

''You've seen the droid and the figure? Now I am certain that the prophecy is fulfilling. This Ralik must be the threat the droids were talking about and it is imperative that we stop him.'' Sazen said with a sense of dread.

Marasiah and the three Imperial Knights listened to the entire story. They weren't entirely convinced, but they admitted that the situation was very serious and that it had to be dealt with.

''What's our next move?'' was all Marasiah could say.

''We go to the Imperial Palace.'' Cade said, ''All of us. That's our safest bet. We can't trust some ancient droid. From what we saw he was protecting the guy we're up against.''

''I'm not sure that's entirely true, but I agree that we should march for the palace.'' Sazen said, ''Only the future will tell if those droids were honest. In the meantime, this Ralik is our concern. There is no one else here capable of stopping him.''

And with those words they moved out. They had no knowledge of the dark fleet of Lenari warships that were closing in on Coruscant.

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