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''Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.''

In the following days the remaining Sith were rounded up and either arrested or killed. The rest of the Jedi crawled out of their hiding places and helped with the process. In the next few months the atmosphere on Coruscant became bright and friendly again. The Imperial Palace has been turned into a museum, after the corpses were transported out, of course. The Moffs have lost their titles and instead performed some different functions for the government. The Galactic Senate has been reestablished and a special first session was demanded. Marasiah Fel, the new Empress had an important announcement. The senators answered the call and the Senate Rotunda was filled with representatives from every system that was, until now, a part of the Empire. Marasiah emerged on the platform that was usually occupied by the Chancellor.

''Loyal Senators, I have called you all here today to relay this news that will change the course of our history. As of this moment the Empire is no more. My father was a good man, but he held the Empire out of sheer naivete and pride. I hope I know better. I am hereby reforming our system into the Third Galactic Republic. According to the laws of the first, Old Republic, the Senate will have the most important role in making the most crucial and delicate decisions for the wellfare of our vast interplanetary socety. I will assume the role of Chancellor and perform it in accordance to the laws of the Old Republic. That Republic, after all, had the longest lifespan and I hope that this one will last even longer. I am also hereby ordering the Imperial Knights to disband. If they chose to do so, they may rejoin the Jedi Order, whose members I ask to once again assume the roles of protectors and mediators in this frail galaxy. Of course it won't be all milk and honey from the start. We have a long way of rebuilding ahead of us and it is my hope that we can rebuild the institution that is the Republic successfully. I thank you for your time, Senators and wish you many prosperous years of service to our Republic.''

And with those words the first session of the Senate was over. Cade Skywalker watched the speech from the entrance to the Senate Rotunda. He was now training on Coruscant, in the newly restaurated Jedi Temple. Soon his training will be complete and he will become a Jedi Master himself. Marasiah saw him watching and smiled. He smiled back, his usual smug smile, nodded and quietly left.

Jariah Syn, Deliah Blue and Rav returned to Socorro and continued their bounty hunter lives, but they remained in contact with Cade. They were even offered the positions of Ambassadors of the Republic on Socorro, but they politely declined. That just wasn't their life.

''So what happens now?''

''Only time will tell.''

''Yes, time and the minds and the desires of the people.''

''Precisely. The galaxy is at peace for the moment, but it is the nature of things to bring chaos after order and bring order after chaos.''

''I understand, master.''

''No, Ralik, not master. Teacher. That's all I am as well as any other elder member of our Order. You must be on your guard too and learn carefully everything we teach you, because the galaxy will need you once more, some time in the future.''

''Yes, teacher. I will do my best.''

''Nothing else will do. The Lenari planet-factory is still out there somewhere along with their cloning labs.''

''You didn't destroy it?''

''We couldn't find it. When we arrived at the coordinatees you gave us we found nothing but empty space.''

''They must have heard of the fleet's defeat and moved it.''

''Yes, but they will show themselves again one day and you must be ready for them when that day comes.''

''I will not fail.''

Somewhere, hidden deep in the Unknown Regions an enormous, planet-sized factory floated through space. Next to it a small planetoid with a cloning lab under its surface. Both with full Lenari crew complement. Overseer Crull stood at the factory's viewport and gazed into the empty space. The hour of the Lenari will come again. One day in the future.

Somewhere, in the Outer Rim territories, on a grassy planet in the Chommell sector, hidden deep within the planet's mountains the Ebon Hawk stood. Ten meters in front of it lay a small house and behind it a monument of stone. The two droids stood in front of the monument and read the inscription.

It said: ''Here lies Revan, hero of the Republic, pride of the Jedi. His actions will be remembered, his presence will be missed, but we, his children will carry on his legacy.''

The two droids were finally home.

The End

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