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(( *applies CPR on the mercenary crew* "LIVE!!!" ))

"I'll clear the roof." Jack stated, and attached a grappling hook to his blaster rifle. He aimed it at the top of the building and fired it. The hook flew towards the roof's edge and gripped it on impact. "Wait for my signal." he said after he checked whether the grappling hook was secured or not, and started climbing up the wall.

Jack reached the rooftop in a matter of seconds. Slowly raising his head above the edge, he looked around to check out the guards.
"Bothans, figured Gualla wouldn't let brainless gamoreans guard the roof."

He unleashed his grappling hook after he climbed on top of the rooftop and activated his stealth generator. Jack sneaked behind a ventilation shaft without making any noise and hung his blaster rifle on his back. There were only four guards on the roof, all of them armed with blaster rifles, bowcasters, the usual. Two of them were standing on the other side of the ventilation shaft, another one was standing near the edge of the roof and the last one was walking right in front of him.

Jack sneaked up behind and pressed a button on his wrist armour, releasing one of his daggers. The bothan's throat was cut with one swift movement with Jack's right dagger. The blood cluttered in his throat as the bothan was pulled down to the ground and died within seconds. The two guards standing on the other side of the ventilation shaft didn't hear anything as Jack sneaked up behind one of them. Since cutting down one of them would alert the other right away, Jack aimed his wrist launcher above the bothan's shoulder, and shot a dart in the neck of the other one. The bothan immediately reached for his neck, but it was too late. The poison already killed him before he could even touch the dart. His partner saw him collapsing and wanted to yell "alarm", but he couldn't speak because of a terrible pain running through his back. When he looked down, he could see the end of Jack's vibro katana sticking out of his chest, which had pierced his lungs, preventing him from yelling. The bothan slowly slid off the end of the katana and dropped down on the ground, with the expression of extreme pain still reflected on his face. Guard number four hadn't heard anything, and was cheerfully watching the city streets. Suddenly, the bothan heard something behind him and turned around, bowcaster ready. There was nothing there. The bothan murmured something and started turning around again, until he saw a blink of something shiny heading towards his face. Before the bothan could say a word or even pull the trigger, his head was sliced off his upper body and fell down on the street, right next to the place where K'Nala and Vanir where standing.

Jack slid his katana back into it's sheath on his back. He walked up the roof edge and looked down. "All clear." He said softly and grinned at Vanir and K'Nala, although they couldn’t see that through his helmet.
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