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The ramp lowered and Strider stepped out, he looked at Danera for a moment, half impressed that his ship beat the Ragnarok's there, however also never used any of the Ragnarok's full speed capabilities unless he was escaping an attack.
(Using some character control to move the story along)

As the rest of the Hunters disembarked, Strider led them alongside Riebe into the Senate. The guards stood looking at them with confusion and fear, recognizing the Sith Hunters but not knowing why they were here. Strider turned to face the guard, and that was all that was needed for the guard to wave his hand hurriedly and lead them to their podium, not wishing to be in their presence should the same fate that befell the Council befall him, believing the rumors to be true.

(Probably a good time for Tepe to have the Sith run into the Hunters.)

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