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Yeah, yeah, double-post, I KNOW. But I've just updated the must-read list. It know contains Cursum Perficio!

'Cursum Perficio', by DigitalDreamer. An action/adventure taking place when Raz is 16, and his past comes back to haunt him in his dreams. Things take a turn for the worst when affects those around him. Long chapters, good update record, excellent writing all around

'Always the Same', by Atrophy Conception. A Romantic-Comedy with sinister undertones you should really read.

'Cerebral Soldiers', also by Atrophy, but takes place long after the events of the game, Raz has gone missing and hasn't been heard of in forevers, but thats minor compared the the rumors of a secret, rival organization thats brewing up trouble. Darker and more action packed then 'Always the Same', but I think I like it better.

'Corruption of the Mind', by AKA. A sequel to Psychonauts (ya know, the cliffhanger ending) ends up into something far more twisted when they end up on the wrong side of the law. Real cool.

'Truman's Rescue', by resident Pyro, saving Truman ends up being tougher than expected. A fun read, no doubt.

'Stuck in a Movie', by Larry Cimora. So far, just 2 chapters, but it's pretty notable considering he's new, the premise is pretty unique and makes you wonder why no one else has used it before.

'To Come and Find Me', by Lovova. A personal favorite that takes place long after the events of the game, but Raz has yet to age for mysterious reasons. That, and he is living in the 'abandoned' asylum on the lake with a crazed man bent on having an atrocious invention of his to see the light of day. Things are worse then they already seem, seeing as Raz is an amnesiac.

'In Cognito', By JintoR. A spinoff of 'Always the Same', Theft is pointing to Demure Academy, and it's up t Raz to investigate.

'Spooked', By Darth. My favorite of her stories. The campers decide to go across the lake to the asylum, hoping so see ghosts. Before WR.

'Psychonaut's Sings Queen!' By Darth. Exactly as the title says.

'The Randomly Doomed Adventures at Whispering Rock' by Banka[rasu]. Weird, wild and crazy stuff goes down at Whispering Rock. Not everyone will like it, but if you 'get it', it's hilarious.

'Next Generation', by Spontanious Combustion. Our campers are parents now, and their kids learn of some weird going-ons at the camp.

'Rascals', by Fluffle[NeCharka]. Somehow, Sasha and Milla are turned into kids, and trying to figure out how is hard when there are so many distractions, such as mutant furbies. Pretty funny.

'Cursed', by Violetwitch. It's been a while since it was updated, but I love it either way. On Raz's first mission, he gets help from a girl seeking help of her own from the Psychonauts.

'Sugar, We're Going Down', By Lunar Lilly Muse. Also been a long time since it's last update, but it has enough chapters to tide a new reader over. Raz and Lili have grown older and grown apart, but must work together when a freak accident lands the two in the Collective Unconsious.

'The Psycho Files,' By our resident pyromaniac, and unfortunately it seems as if the project has been abandoned. You should still read it though.

'All is Calm' by TheFarceHunter, a really well written Pnauts sequel.

‘King of Fools’ by Night’s Nocturne. A new fic with a lot of promise that delves into the history between the Galochio’s and Aquato’s till the present day.

‘The Shoemaker’s Son’ by Carcaotar or something...there are a myriad of Sasha/Milla fics, but this has to be one of the best. The two are always in character, and little actual fluff occurs, seeing as the two never openly admit anything. In fact, some sneakery is in order, but it is still very well written, especially the end.

‘Forumites Attack’ By Psychonauts Madz, a crossover chock-full of insider jokes.

‘The Essence of Fear’ by StitchedObscuration, a prequel(?) To Psychonauts, it details the events of a young Sasha and Milla’s first mission.

‘Rescue’ by Magewriter, yes another ‘let’s save Truman’ fic...that happens to focus more on the lives of Raz and Lili. Another luvit or hate it, you really have to read to decide for yourself.

‘The Awesomest Summer’ by KarAniyuki (Who is this Aniyuki of the kars of which you speak?), the insane and the zany peters into the lives of our favorite campers, from hellish busrides to jam sessions.

Orange Haze’, By FluffleNeCharka (who seems to have sadly disappeared from the site making only a few ‘cameo’s now and then), Raz has been accused of setting Lili insane. He must clear his name within X hours, but is he really responsible? Even sadder, it’s sequel, ‘Blue Blaze’ has been deleted. Look up her profile and she’s rid of at least 3 Pnauts related ficlets.

‘Something Wicked Comes this Way’, by Alistar2410. Raz and Lili return to WR, only to land themselves in trouble with an escaped experiment.

‘The Awsomer Day’, By KarAniyuki. Mary-Sue killing! That is enough to make it AWESOME, which it is.

‘The Awsomest Day’ By the aforementioned Aniyuki of Kars. Prequel in a sense, and yes, it inspired AsoP (A Summer of Psychics)

Sealed Doorways’ By Jak0TheShadows. Not real sure what it’s about anymore, but I know it was rather dark and really good.

Out of 6 pages worth of fanficcery, and I’ve dug up the best of the best of the best. I might make a separate entry for one-shots (only like 2-3 were mentioned). The real sad thing is that many of the better ones were deleted since the authors gave up on updating them. Blue Blaze for example (though Fluffle seems to have just vanished, as did others like Magewriter). And many fics have just spent ages without updates. I wont mention mine, others can do that for me.

@ Digi: page 23, where I originally posted the best of the best Psychonaut fics. As you can tell, much has happened since and it needs updating.

On another note, I was writing ASoP and got to the point where the lent OC's needed to be introduced. Most of the info was contained within reviews and since I cant access FF...ARGH!
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