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Tysy responded to the touch, to the voice, to the subtle persuasion
it seemed to be using. Powerful beyond belief? she asked. That
is something I have secretly wanted,
she confessed to the Force
presence, whoever it was. I hate to admit it, but I do. Jedi aren't
supposed to wish for power. They should seek sacrifice, the end of
craving and selfhood. That, too, is what I want, but not while I am
still so weak. What good can I do as a mere Padawan, humbly training
under the various Masters while I have no real influence of my own?

I try to do good things, but my actions are minuscule. They are nothing
when compared to the good Grand Master Skywalker does every day.

You say I can earn this power if I turn to the Dark Side. I will not! How
can I live with myself and my fellow beings if I kill innocents and carry
out torture, murder, and espionage? I want peace in the galaxy more
than anything, and yes, power, but at that price? The Sith price? The
price that Palpatine paid, and Lord Vader? No. I won't turn into a mindless
killer, a slave to hatred and vengeance. I am sorry, but the true nature
of the Force is that the Light Side is balance, the Dark Side imbalance.

How can true order be put into place through the practices of the Sith?

I feel that you, whatever or whoever you are, have the power to touch
minds and kill the beings that have them through the Force. You are strong.

You may kill me if you wish, and I'll tell you why. I do not hate you, not at all.

If you kill me, know that you've killed a Padawan who offered herself to
you in death. She humbled herself to you as a corpse, and through this,
she has become one with the Force and met the ideal fate of a Jedi.

What's next? I've turned down your power, and the Dark Side. My death?
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