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So naive thought the Dark Lord. He chuckled to himself, and opened himself to the dark side. His vision was projected. The dark figure appeared before the girl again, spoke.

The dark side is tool of ultimate power. One that can wielded for good. I will tell of you of what I have done with it.

The Jedi are dead. I lauched the Second Great Jedi Purge sixty years ago. They are gone. Completely. Extinct. Even their holocrons are kept under my lock and key. I used the dark side for this.

And look at the results! From the minute the greatest Lord of the Sith proclaimed himself Emperor, there have been no wars!

The Jedi Order may have had good intentions, but where did it get them? What of the Galactic Alliance?

The galaxy saw more war under them in decades than it had in millenia! Are good intentions right if they lead to more suffering than anything caused by the dark side?

My rule is firm, but stable. Complete order. And do you know why?

The light side of the Force is responsible for all the chaos the galaxy has ever known!

Look at all the Great Schism the Order experienced! There will always be those who stray from the light! Jacen Solo fell to the Sith! Even Luke became a thrall of the reborn Emperor!

Why keep flogging a horse that won't die? Why not ride it?

Few indeed stray from the dark side. If it dominates all, there will be no schisms, no splits, no chaos. The dark side is order. It will make the Force balanced.

And what I have wrought with it! Total order! More peace exists under the dark than the light!

You would turn down down the dark side? And what would result?

My empire will collapse! There are no numbers high enough to describe the casulaties! There will be a dark age that endures millenia!

But you can prevent it! Join me, embrace my teachings. With my help, you can save more lives than all the Jedi in history put together?

At what expense? The dark side? It is no price to pay. And even if it is, what is worth more: the lives of the galaxy, or your views on morality? You've said yourself you don't have any influence now. How could you understand?

The dark side can make you! How can you look at the Force when only seeing half its side?

I was once a Jedi! I have seen both sides of the same almighty Force!

Refuse me, and you will be just as evil as Darth Vader! Your refusal will kill enough people that it would take a thousand years to list them all!

No! That would be worse than Vader! Because you would commit this atrocity in the name of goodness, but deny your own nature! No true Jedi ever wants power!

So the choice is yours: will a war the likes of which the universe has never before seen occur, or will it not?

I won't force you into this. I only want you to save lives.

You alone will decide this. Choose wisely, and do not delay.

I am dying...

Devon sputtered, and coughed blood upon the ground. His gums were almost melting within his mouth. His teeth were yellowing, and saw several fall out of his mouth as he wheezed.

"I am falling apart!" He roared at himself. "I must have an heir!"

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We will be great failures one day, you and I
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