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The Force is a powerful thing. So powerful that even though Tysy's
knowledge and depth in it was small, her sense of it was very great.
She sensed the frustration and the rage of the Force presence that
was almost begging her to join his cause. She sensed its fury, and
the despair it was struggling against all odds to keep hidden.

Despair? Yes. It was dying, she now knew, and would rather soon.

Yet it was not this revelation that stunned her, but rather one
about the Grand Master that she trusted. Luke Skywalker himself.

Luke? she asked the presence, feeling as if someone had
punched her in the stomach. Luke Skywalker a thrall of the
reborn Emperor? That can't be true. You're Sith, so it must be a lie.
Tell me the story, if it is true, and then I'll stand firm or I'll yield!
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