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[FIN] Galactic Conquest I: The Rise of the Imperials

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The 6 TIE fighters swooped down on their prey like a hawk on a womp rat, cannons blaring. Three X-Wing fighters split formation and dived apart, rocketing off in different directions, The TIEs followed, two for each X-Wing. Green lasers flashed and one of the X-Wings tore apart.
“This is Blue Leader,” yelled one pilot into his mike. “I’m trapped with Blue Five. I need assistance now!”
The TIEs fired and Blue Five’s ship exploded into a fireball of shrapnel.
“Hello? Hello, Base? I just lost Blue Five. I need instructions on how to proceed.”
Green lasers raked the craft and Blue Leader’s port top wing blew off, taking both the port engines with it. Blue Leader struggled to stabilize his craft. As he wrestled with the controls, the comm hissed to life.
“Blue Leader, set coordinates 7398 and jump, now!”
Blue punched the button and slammed his hand on the Hyperdrive switch. Space blurred and the handicapped X-Wing shot off towards Dantooine. Where Blue Lead’s ship was a few minutes ago, thousands of enemy lasers rocketed through. The TIEs turned and headed for the Imperial class Star Destroyer awaiting them.
The lead pilot, a Major in the Emperor’s Navy, bowed before Vader and made his report.
“All rebel targets have been neutralized, with the exception of one, who managed to make the jump to hyperspace in the nick of time.” he said.
Vader frowned slightly.
“These rebels never do anything through their own free will; they always receive instructions from their headquarters, which is why we had the jamming frequency in place. This pilot entered Hyperspace, which means the jamming was not properly organized.” Vader stopped. He was seething with rage. Now the rebels knew another of the Empire’s bases and they also got away with the plans to their new Super Star Destroyer and priceless information on the next conquests of the Imperial Army.
“Whoever is responsible for this foul-up will pay dearly.” he growled and turned and walked away.

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