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Captain Wedge Antilles – Blue Leader – climbed down the access ladder attached to his X-Wing. Disheveled and exhausted, he made his way to the command room to Admiral Dodonna.
“Well, Captain?” he asked.
Wedge handed the Admiral five compact memory chips.
“We infiltrated one of their most secure ground bases and managed to copy all the information in the supercomputer. Seems they are planning to conquer seven more systems in this whole year. That’s big.”
“Yes,” confirmed the Admiral, plugging in the memory chips into their holo-interface. “That would indicate that the Empire has amassed a huge army with the manpower and efficient officers to pull off the operations.”
He went through all the information about their bases, resource locations and such.
“…But there is one thing I don’t understand.”
He turned to Wedge.
“It says here that the Empire is planning to build heavy transport ships in the next year after they have accessed the proper resources. If so, how will they get their troops on the surface? Smaller ships will take a huge amount of time with the army size requirements to take over a planet of an average size.”
Wedge tapped a few keys and typed in a password in the box that popped up. The screen changed and an extremely detailed schematic diagram flickered in front of them.
“What is this?” Dodonna asked, confused. He looked at the bottom of the hologram and read out aloud:
“‘Imperial Super Star Destroyer – Construction to end in approx 23 days’.” He appeared shocked.
“It’s a good thing I received hacking training at the academy.” Wedge remarked. “They haven’t mentioned where the construction site is, though.”
“No wonder they haven’t any resources. Good gracious! A ship like that is practically an adamantium fortress. There’s no way we can take it down.”
“We don’t need to take it down.” Wedge said. “We just need to take out the troops inside once they set foot on the planet’s surface.”
“Yes. Good idea, Captain.” Dodonna said. “You may leave.”
Wedge nodded and turned to leave. As he opened the door, however, Dodonna called out to him again.
“By the way, Antilles,”
Wedge turned to face the Admiral.
“You have been promoted to Colonel, congratulations.”
Wedge couldn’t believe it! He managed to stammer out a thanks and went to his pilot’s chambers, giddy with happiness.

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